Reveal the spirit of place with light 

    Watch this webinar to learn from Richard Wang about how lighting can reveal the spirit of place.
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    Key topics and learnings


    In this webinar Richard will talk about interior lighting through 3 cultural & worship projects.


    Richard will be talking about interior lighting design, touching different elements that will impact the profession and how lighting design is implemented in China.


    As one important factor of interior space, interior lighting has two functions:

    Firstly, lighting should meet the requirement of visual performance of the users, talking about the development of interior lighting design and meeting quality standards. What is the working process related to interior lighting design? Tune in to learn more.


    Secondly, lighting itself as one factor of the combined interior space should convey the space- spirit. In another word, lighting is the translator of interior.  When facing the challenge of a complicated interior project, an interior designer is hard to succeed if without the help of a good lighting consultant.

    He will be talking about how lighting can reveal the space-spirit through some cultural & worship projects, using accent lighting and how you can evoke an emotional reaction by using ambient lighting.

    Interior lighting is a way to express the interior structural identity. This lecture will be a great opportunity to learn or be inspired by one of the leading lighting designers in China and beyond.

    A wonderful topic, and a fantastic moment to connect with the expert and learn from him.


    Right PlaceRight TimeRight Light


    Learning objectives:


    • Why lighting is important for an interior space
    • The three aspects of quality lighting in interior space
    • The working process of a lighting design
    • The key success factors for a lighting consultant working in China

    Presented by

    Richard Wang

    Richard Wang

    Senior Lighting Designer CIES*

    Senior Member of AALD**

    Founder ATL Lighting Design




    Richard Wang got a Master degree from the Illuminating and Engineering Department, Fudan University in 1995. After his graduation he joined Philips Lighting China, as a professional sale engineer. During his nearly 10-years’ experience in Philips Lighting, he has been working as outdoor product manager, Road Lighting Channel Manager and Marketing Director of BU Luminaires, China.


    After 2004,he left Philips Lighting, went back to his hometown to learn how to make Keemun black-tea and became a tea-maker.


    In 2007, encouraged by the LED lighting revolution in lighting industry, he went back Shanghai1and set up ATL Lighting Studio. He aimed to be a professional lighting consultant in China, when most of lighting consultants were coming from Europe, North America or Taiwan and HK. In 2012 he became one of the first 100 registered senior lighting designers approved by China Illuminating Engineering Society (CIES).


    In ATL Lighting, Richard Wang led his team to complete a lot of projects, mostly in East China. He is one of the few designers who began to design with LED lighting in interior space when traditional lighting products were still dominating the market. Some of the projects, such as Wuxi Lingshan Buddha Palace, Suzhou Wang Xiao Hui Gallery, became very famous in China. He had won many Lighting Awards in China from 2009.


    Yr. 2009   First Prize in Interior Lighting segment CIES with Wuxi Lingshan Buddha Palace

    Yr. 2013   First Prize in Interior Lighting segment CIES with Wuxi Five-seals Mandala   

    Yr. 2014   Second Prize in Interior Lighting segment CIES with Suzhou Wang Xiao Hui Gallery

    Yr. 2016   Bronze Prize in Interior Lighting Segment award from AALD with Wuxi Paramita Hotel and International Conference Center

    Yr. 2017   Bronze Prize in Architecture Lighting segment award from AALD with Wuxi Nia Hua Wan Zen Town

    Yr. 2017  First Prize in Interior Lighting segment CIES with Nnajing Niu Shou Mountain Usnisa Palace

    Yr. 2019,  First Prize in Interior Lighting segment CIES  Qufu Nishan Confusion Place.

    Yr. 2021  Second Prize in Architecture Lighting from Shanghai Illuminating Engineer Society (SIES) with Nanjing Jinling Town.


    In 2019, Richard Wang won the Excellence Award from IES with interior lighting design of Qufu Nishan Confusion Palace project. And in 2022, he won the Excellence Award from IALD with the interior lighting design of Guan Yin Altar project.


    *CIES  (China Illuminating Engineering Society)

    **AALD (Asia Association Lighting Designers)

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