Light - The forgotten fundamental

    Watch this webinar to understand the forgotten importance of light in the built forms or different architectures.

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    Key topics and learnings


    Light plays a vital role in the way people experience and understand architecture. It is the medium that allows us to see, experience and appreciate the beauty in built forms, thereby helping architecture achieve its true purpose. Unfortunately, this is being ignored and is given a low priority in academics, as well as practice.


    Ravi believes that every-time he designs, he should make a concerted effort to improve the immediate environs of a project and contribute to the well-being of it’s occupants and its social environments.


    In this webinar we will go, together with Ravi, back to the basics.


    “Any design intervention which gets a smile on the face of the occupant, elevates them, improves productivity is extremely important to me. Design should be sustainable, belong to that place, entrance its surroundings and serve as a benchmark for future developments” Ravi Sarangan


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    Learning objectives:


    • Getting back to basics – fundamentals, a refresher
    • Harnessing natural light, how?
    • How important is building orientation?
    • Learn more about respecting the climate and context and energy saving

    Presented by


    Ravi Sarangan






    He co-founded Edifice, and is the Director at Edifice, a recipient of numerous awards and recognitions from within the fraternity. Ravi has been instrumental in growing Edifice to our current pre-eminent position within the profession. He currently oversees Edifice's brand management, handles key clients and participates in the creative design process. Ravi also delivers lectures on the design and practice of Architecture as well as serves on the jury of various eminent design award competitions.

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