Empower Smart Cities with Signify BrightSites 

    Attend this webinar to understand how Signify’s BrightSites solution introduces a transformative approach to build city infrastructure and unlocks the potential of existing streetlights, turning them into beacons of connectivity.
    Signify BrightSites

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    Thursday, May 30, 2024

    4:00 PM to 5:00 PM CET

    Key topics and learnings


    In an era where urban efficiency, safety, and inclusivity are paramount, Signify’s BrightSites solution introduces a transformative approach to build city infrastructure and unlocks the potential of existing streetlights, turning them into beacons of connectivity. BrightSites acts as a backbone for smart city initiatives, supporting applications such as public Wi-Fi, traffic optimization, public safety, smart waste management, and pollution monitoring, enhancing the overall quality of life for citizens.


    Discover how BrightSites can help your city achieve greater efficiency, safety, and digital inclusivity with:


    • Universal Connectivity: Commitment to digital inclusivity means breaking down barriers with widespread high-speed Wi-Fi and 5G access, supporting the inclusion of all citizens and serving all businesses with sufficient connectivity


    • Enhanced Safety and Security: Superior lighting enables surveillance technologies and security systems work seamlessly, aiding in crime prevention and enhancing emergency response capabilities.


    • Optimized Urban Efficiency: Addressing critical urban challenges, such as reducing traffic congestion and improving public transport systems, that fosters a more navigable, sustainable, and efficient urban landscape.


    • New Revenue Opportunities: The deployment of BrightSites opens up new revenue streams for cities through private network offerings, data offloading, and the provision of enhanced services to businesses and citizens.


    • Sustainability: The innovative approach of BrightSites supports cities' sustainability goals by avoiding extensive trenching and construction work, saving an estimated 95 tons of CO2 emissions per kilometer compared to traditional fiber deployment methods.


    • Aesthetic Integration: Signify's BrightSites solution is designed to integrate seamlessly with the city landscape, maintaining aesthetic appeal while deploying advanced connectivity solutions, thereby preserving the visual integrity of urban spaces.


    • Digital Equity: By extending broadband access to underserved areas, BrightSites plays a critical role in promoting digital equity, ensuring that all citizens have access to reliable high-speed internet for education, work, and healthcare.


    • Scalability: The solution is scalable, allowing cities to easily expand broadband applications to meet growing demands and future-proof their connectivity infrastructure against increasing digital needs.


    Join Khalid Aziz, SVP and Managing Director of the BrightSites Business Unit in Signify along with Barnaby Dickinson, Founder of Ontix and Senior Advisor to Signify to talk about cities digitalization trends and how Signify can help cities in the smart city journey reshaping the fabric of our communities for a smarter, more connected future.



    Learning objectives:


    • Understand Signify’s innovative wireless broadband solution and how it can help cities overcome digital infrastructure challenges.
    • Learn about the benefits that BrightSites can bring to the city, including safety, sustainability, digital inclusion, traffic reduction, tourist attraction, economic growth and much more.
    • Recognize the latest city digitalization trends in the UK market and how they impact the development of smart cities.
    • Gain insight into exciting projects in the UK.

    Presented by


    Khalid Aziz

    SVP & Managing director

    BrightSites BusinessUnit, Signify 

    Barnaby Dickinson,
    Founder of Ontix
    Senior Advisor to Signify



    Khalid Aziz is a seasoned executive currently serving as the Senior Vice President and Managing Director of BrightSites, a transformative business unit within Signify. In this role, Khalid spearheads the convergence of outdoor lighting infrastructure with broadband connectivity, driving innovation and shaping the future of smart urban environments.  


    With a wealth of experience in global ventures and business development, Khalid previously held the position of Managing Director of Global Ventures at Signify, where he played a pivotal role in incubating and scaling the next generation of businesses within the company. 



    Barnaby founded Ontix, a UK-based wireless infrastructure company in 2017. He worked successfully in virtually every management position in the company, including finance, product, business development and operations.


    Barnaby spent three years engaged on property strategy at Cornerstone, the UK’s largest mobile infrastructure company. At Cornerstone, Barnaby evaluated the opportunity and developed the strategy for Cornerstone entrance into small cell infrastructure market. Barnaby led a successful bid to secure long term exclusive rights to deploy telecommunications equipment on lighting infrastructure in the City of London, securing MNO orders for an initial deployment of 200 small cells and 150 Wi-Fi access points and creating the densest outdoor urban small cell network in the UK.  

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