Design qualities of 3D Printing lighting in Retail spaces

    Watch this webinar to learn how 3D printed lighting adapt easily to retail spaces.

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    Presented by

    Emma de Looff

    Emma de Looff

    Business Developer


    Laura Taylor

    Laura Taylor

    Head of Design,


    Freek Rutten

    Freek Rutten 





    Emma is a business developing manager partnering directly with customers in multiple European markets to create unique solutions for projects of all sizes and complexities. ​

    In her role she's mostly excited about the unique possibilities of 3D printing delivering beautiful and creative solutions to Retail customers looking to innovate, whilst making sure their renovation or construction projects are fully sustainable.



    Laura Taylor is the Head of Design Exploration at Signify. She is passionate about the new approach to design and lighting which is enabled by 3D printing technology. She refers to 3D printing as ''a special kind of beauty and synthesis between the design and printing process; the direct link between designer and printing machine mirrors a craftmanship of the past, where objects could be shaped and improved continuously, but now, in an ultra-modern way, allowing us to be more responsive to our customers''. 



    With a background in industrial design, Freek has been developing 3D printed luminaires for consumers and professional customers for a few years. He constantly looks for new means or machine control to create new shapes and textures that differentiate the interiors of our customers.   ​

    In his current role he works integrally with product design teams and product management to develop scalable product platforms that can be deployed globally in our local manufacturing hubs. 

    Key topics and learnings

    Explore the flexibility brought to the lighting industry by Signify's 3D printing technology, which enables the creation of unique tailored luminaires at a fraction of the cost of bespoke lighting.​


    This webinar is best suited for architects, interior designers, and professionals who seek to create retail spaces that truly stand out. Signify's team will discuss how their unique ability to use different shapes, colors, and textures can result in outstanding branded projects.​


    You will also have the chance to get inspired by successful case studies and examples of the unlimited possibilities this technology can enable. ​


    Join us on October 28 at 4:00 pm (CET) to learn how to create purposeful retail environments that connect, engage, and inspire your customers.


    Learning objectives:


    • Recyclable materials and their inherent possibilities
    • Flexibility of form, colors, and textures
    • Concept to implementation in retail spaces
    • Learn how 3D-printed lighting can adapt easily to retail concepts

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