Lighting fit for a circular economy

    Bruynzeel Storage
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    Our circular lighting solution helped Bruynzeel take a step towards its sustainability goals while matching its business agenda.

    "Over the coming years we will pay a fixed monthly fee for lighting. We don’t have to worry about management and maintenance, we’ll benefit from innovations that occur in the meantime, and we’ll have maximum peace of mind."


    Bart Sijben, Operational Manager, Bruynzeel Storage

    Customer Challenge

    Bruynzeel – a busy storage company in the Netherlands – wanted to free up time to focus on their core business needs, rather than the ownership and management of their lighting infrastructure.

    The storage company’s circular business approach transforms waste, by-products and emissions into materials for use in the production process. So, they needed an end-to-end lighting solution that fell in line with their business agenda, while giving them maximum control over how much energy was used for lighting.


    We collaborated with architect, Thomas Rau, to create a circular lighting solution fit for Bruynzeel. Together, our team and Rau’s company, Turntoo, delivered end-to-end management and maintenance. Bruynzeel now has a greater degree of energy efficiency and control over its lighting infrastructure, as well as guaranteed reuse of the maximum number of lighting components. We helped Bruynzeel reduce energy costs by 73% and lower its carbon footprint by 231 tons of CO2. What’s more, our service took care of its lighting infrastructure, allowing the management team to focus solely on core activities.

    Case Studies

    • Kortrijk Public Library

      Kortrijk Public Library

      Kortrijk Public Library, and the city of Kortrijk as a whole, provides a perfect example of how a city can be more sustainable by adopting Circular Lighting.

    • Van Straten Medical

      Van Straten Medical

      With Signify's help, Van Straten Medical has installed a connected Circular Lighting solution that helps them save money and be more sustainable in the future.

    • Destelbergen Library

      Destelbergen Library

      Destelbergen Library installed Circular Lighting in order to meet lighting standards while saving money on energy bills – all without investing a single euro.

    What can circular lighting do for your business?