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    RoadFocus LED reduced glare Cobra Head - Small (RFS-RG)

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    RoadFocus LED reduced glare Cobra Head - Small (RFS-RG)
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        RoadFocus LED reduced glare luminaires provide the benefits of LED technology, including energy savings and lower maintenance costs yet maintain the familiar cobra head design. While the current RoadFocus luminaires provide excellent uniformity and performance, we understand that certain conditions and customers desire even more “glare” control options. The move to energy efficient LED road and street lighting has brought with it a perception of increased glare and brightness with some customers. Our reduced glare solution minimizes perceived glare and brightness associated with LED technology without sacrificing performance required for optimum roadway applications. By delivering a more uniform surface brightness solution we improve the visual experience. Additionally, our solution increases total luminaire efficacy while still delivering superior performance. Available in all three sizes (small, medium, and large) in a Type 2/3M distribution and full range of lumen packages to choose from.


        Provides uniform reduced glare illumination
        Higher efficacy, reduced energy cost
        Seamless integration in new and existing installations
        Includes Service Tag, Signify’s innovative way to provide assistance throughout the life of the product
        Field upgradable connected lighting solutions


        International Dark Skies compliant
        Full range of lumen packages and wattages
        Available in small, medium, and large housing sizes
        Zero Uplight
        IP66 rate light engine
        Broadest range of control solutions available


        Road and Street
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