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    PureStyle IntelliHue Powercore

    Premium interior concealed linear luminaire with intelligent white and color light

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    PureStyle IntelliHue Powercore
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        Innovative PureStyle Powercore luminaires bring lighting professionals high output in a compact, easily concealed luminaire. PureStyle delivers exceptionally high-quality light for a wide range of interior applications from cove to wall-washing to backlighting and beyond. Here are just some of the powerful advantages that PureStyle brings to lighting professionals and their clients.


        High CRI output and R9 values
        2000 K to 10,000 K color temperature range
        Compact and easy to install


        PureStyle Powercore IntelliHue combines the highest quality with unequalled efficacy. It’s the best choice when you need high-quality white light, including the ability to tint and tune the color. PureStyle Powercore IntelliHue offers exceptional flux, lumen output of 800 lm, and CRI up to 95 – as well as exceptional R9 values that can reach up to 84.
        Unbeatable Performance — Major innovations, including a unique optical cluster, enable PureStyle to deliver up to 95 CRI, lumen outputs of up to 800 lm, and color temperatures that range from 2000 K to 10000 K – all with superior beam quality that delivers bright, smooth light.
        Innovative Design — With its compact size and an extremely short mixing distance, PureStyle can excel in areas where traditional linear luminaires are impractical. It’s available in 305 mm (1 ft) and 1219 mm (4 ft) aluminium housings, as well as a range of beam angles – including wide (100° x 100°), medium (30° x 60°), and narrow (10° x 60°). Interlocking connectors ensure end-to-end installation without visible light scalloping between luminaires – just pure, seamless light.
        White and Color Light — PureStyle combines tunable white and dynamic color light in one innovative, high-performance luminaire that’s easy to install and control.
        Superior Color Consistency — Improves color consistency between all LED luminaires in a family with Chromasync technology. During the manufacturing process a calibrated light measurement device creates an algorithm to define a common color gamut for an entire family of LED luminaires. When Chromasync is enabled, color consistency between luminaires is achieved without having to manually adjust color points on each luminaire.


        Interior applications from cove to wall–washing to backlighting and beyond.
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