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    Designing a modern, IoT-enabled lighting system can be daunting. No matter where you are in this journey you can count on Signify to provide the most comprehensive and advanced LED electronics in the industry. We, along with our ecosystem of partners, help you to realize your vision from the ground up, starting with award winning Advance Xitanium SR LED drivers that provide the digital foundation for the smart lighting system of the future.



    This segment, which includes everything from commercial offices to educational spaces and retail/hospitality to health care, has always maintained a strong drive towards energy saving. Legislation and building regulations have driven the standards applicable on light quality, luminance and energy efficiency in a working environment and this has also highlighted the role of lighting controls. Our portfolio of lighting components consisting of highly efficient LED modules and drivers deliver what is needed.



    The outdoor market is transforming fast and is also a forerunner in looking at how to use lighting control management systems. Here we have a diverse product portfolio available for luminaire manufacturers with a vast range of outdoor drivers, with a focus on reliability, configurability and connectivity.



    This segment has a strong drive towards energy saving and lower maintenance while enabling high quality and uniform lighting for optimum visual performance and comfort. This helps enable a more efficient and productive environment. Our module and driver portfolio enables cost effective and reliable systems for extreme application conditions. Used with controls, our lighting solutions provide illumination only when and where it is needed.

    Retail display lighting


    From food to fashion, retailers are in need of quality lighting solutions that not only can help them save energy and operating expenses, but enhance their merchandise to help drive point-of-sale conversions. Our portfolio has application specific solutions with a wide range of flexibility to address the diversity of this market, from freezer lighting, to chillers and coolers, to dry-shelf merchandising.



    When normal power fails for any reason, emergency lighting provides critical illumination. In fact, emergency lighting is required by state, local and national codes for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings in the United States. The emergency segment delivers manufacturers a broad portfolio of emergency lighting solutions designed to satisfy code and application requirements. Manufacturers can choose the right Bodine emergency LED driver or inverter for their fixtures and know they are providing their customers with quality and reliability they deserve.