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    New Philips Hue launches support your sleep routine and more

    June 18, 2024

    New Philips Hue launches support your sleep routine, personalized home decor and more

    • Support your circadian rhythm with Philips Hue Twilight sleep and wake up light, featuring the new Sunset Go to Sleep automation
    • Elevate the ambiance in any room of your home with the Philips Hue Solo lightstrip
    • Create a unique lighting experience with four new shapes of Philips Hue Lightguide bulbs
    • Upgrade any room with new ceiling lights, including Philips Hue Datura, which features two individually controllable light sources in white and color ambiance within a frameless design


    Bridgewater, NJ – Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, announces the launch of brand-new Philips Hue lights and app features that provide additional ways to expand and personalize the lighting in your home. Philips Hue Twilight, the brand’s newest innovation, was designed to support your circadian rhythm. After the launch of the Lightguide Ellipse bulb, the Philips Hue Lightguide selection is completed with four more shapes — small globe, large globe, Edison, and triangle. Also launching is the Philips Hue Solo lightstrip, which enables you to add light anywhere in your home, and Philips Hue Datura, a dual light source ceiling panel.


    Wake up feeling more recharged


    Philips Hue Twilight sleep and wake up light, available in both white and black, was designed to support your circadian rhythm: it helps you maintain a regular sleep routine, fall asleep peacefully, and wake up feeling more recharged. With two individually controllable light sources — an illumination head and a back light featuring one-of-a-kind ColorCast technology — Philips Hue Twilight mimics the wide palette of colors in both morning and evening sky light.


    The compact design fits easily onto a bedside table and features two customizable buttons to control the light, in addition to the Philips Hue app. By default, one button cycles through six new light scenes, like ‘Arise’ or ‘Sleepy.’ The other triggers the new Sunset Go to Sleep automation, simulating a sunset with a rich blend of red tones.


    Additionally, set a wake-up automation, which gradually brightens so you gently awaken to the colors of the morning sun. Ultra-low dimming enables smooth transitions for an effective wake-up and the perfect nightlight. Philips Hue Twilight dims to an industry leading 0.5% brightness1.


    An eye-catcher that complements your modern home decor


    Following the launch of the popular Ellipse shape, the four new Philips Hue Lightguide bulbs allow you to create a unique lighting experience. Users can now choose from five premium shapes of handblown glass bulbs: small globe, large globe, triangle, Edison and Ellipse. Their striking and contemporary design offers eye-catching modern style along with all the smart functionalities of Philips Hue. These bulbs offer millions of shades of white and color light, so that you can personalize and design colorful light scenes, and are controllable with the Philips Hue app.


    Flexibly add light in hard-to-reach spaces


    Shape and bend lighting to your needs with the Philips Hue Solo lightstrip. Easy to use and accessible for any user, it offers the flexibility to add light in even hard-to-reach places. With cuttable 3m, 5m and 10m versions, it subtly fits into any area, such as in closets, on ceilings or walls, and along stairs and floors, to upgrade any space. Illuminated by 1700 lumens of stunning light output, the lightstrip brightens your home with pure color and pure white light (thanks to RGBWW LEDs). Philips Hue users can conveniently expand their smart lighting range by integrating the lightstrip with the full Philips Hue system — enabling different light experiences to fit any mood.


    Ceiling lights to illuminate any space


    Philips Hue Datura ceiling light with a round shape and slim frameless profile enhances the sense of space anywhere around your home, especially in rooms with low ceiling height. The ceiling panel comes with two individually controllable light sources in white and color light that create both room illumination, with a powerful functional light, and a soft ceiling glow with a single touch and customizable color effects.

    As a leader in the field, Philips Hue provides the most comprehensive ecosystem of lights, with fully integrated home monitoring. Light plays an important role in people’s lives; from the moment they wake up until they go to sleep at night. With our new products and app features, we enable people to continuously personalize light in any space at any moment of the day — upgrading even the hard-to-reach spaces in their homes.”


    Jasper Vervoort
    Business Leader Philips Hue at Signify

    Other new launches from Philips Hue


    GU10, and spot luminaires that use the GU10, have been upgraded and now shine brighter, allowing you to illuminate your rooms even more. They offer 400 lumens at 4000k compared to the previous generation’s 350 lumens. Additionally, new GU10 bulbs help take a step toward a more energy efficient smart home, with a longer lifespan of 25,000 hours (compared to 15,000 hours) and 50% lower standby power consumption.


    Besides continuous innovations on lights, Philips Hue also has new app updates and improvements for its integrated security system. Philips Hue Secure users can set light and sound alarms to go off automatically when the system is armed, as well as schedule their security systems to arm and disarm automatically on a schedule. Additionally, users can select from three different battery optimization modes. New features will become available summer 2024.


    Lastly, Philips Hue is proud to announce its partnership with OnTech in North America, which seeks to make it easier for users to get Philips Hue in their homes. OnTech provides installation services for wired and non-wired Philips Hue products. Whether they don't have the time to install the lights or they would just rather leave it to the professionals, users can count on OnTech to get set up quickly.


    To find out more about the latest Philips Hue products and app features, visit



    • Philips Hue Twilight in black or white (available June 18, black via only)
      • $279.99
    • Philips Hue Lightguide Triangle (available June 18)
      • $99.99
    • Philips Hue Lightguide Large Globe (available June 18)
      • $99.99
    • Philips Hue Lightguide Small Globe (available June 18)
      • $79.99
    • Philips Hue Lightguide Edison (available June 18)
      • $79.99
    • Philips Hue Solo lightstrip (available June 18)
      • 10ft $69.99
      • 16ft $89.99
      • 33ft $159.99
    • Philips Hue Datura round (available September 10)
      • 384mm, White and Color Ambiance $299.99
      • 574mm, White and Color Ambiance $399.99
    • Philips Hue GU10 White (available June 18)
      • Separate bulbs and packs ranging from $21.00 – $39.99
    • Philips Hue GU10 White Ambiance (available June 18)
      • Separate bulbs and packs ranging from $34.99 – $59.99
    • Philips Hue GU10 White and Color Ambiance (available June 18)
      • Separate bulbs and packs ranging from $59.99 – $99.99 
    1In a recent report by Stiftung Warentest, the organization presents findings from its evaluation of various smart LED lamps available in the European market, focusing on several performance metrics including the minimum dimming level. The findings revealed that Philips Hue products had the best dimming performance in the test.

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