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    WiZ Home Monitoring uses lights and motion to help keep your home safe

    May 12, 2023

    WiZ lights that prevent, alert and deter – Signify launches a unique WiZ Home Monitoring proposition

    • Make your home feel safe with WiZ’s unique Home Monitoring proposition combining lighting and security in an integrated approach
    • Discover the new smart home monitoring WiZ Indoor Camera, the first of many Home Monitoring products to complement the portfolio
    • Understand how WiZ is using the power of light and motion to prevent or deter intruders

    Bridgewater,  NJ – Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, is launching a unique Home Monitoring proposition to complement its WiZ smart lighting system that allows for seamless integration of lighting and security in a simple, smart and secure way. WiZ continues to enhance daily convenience with lights that simulate presence and trigger light alarms, a camera with night vision, and SpaceSence motion detection technology. Combining lighting and security, this new proposition can help consumers feel safe and comfortable in their homes.


    Using the power of light and motion detection to deter intruders


    WiZ unlocks Home Monitoring features in its smart lighting system, knowing that lights are already everywhere in your home and are one of the most effective ways to discourage potential intruders. With seamless user experience in mind, the WiZ app was optimized with intuitive features, such as customizable Monitoring Routines, allowing you to control your lighting and monitor your home with a single tap in the app. To help you secure your home, simply click on the desired routine to let the WiZ system know you are going away and activate a set of lighting behaviors.


    The WiZ app can now also notify you of unexpected activity in your home, allowing you to take immediate action. With SpaceSense motion detection technology, every compatible WiZ light is a motion sensor that detects every movement in the coverage area. The award-winning technology makes the WiZ smart ecosystem one of the most comprehensive, and when combined with the new WiZ Indoor Camera, it provides full coverage for your entire home. Consumers can activate WiZ monitoring for the entire home or in certain areas, and quickly turn it off when necessary.


    To help keep your home safe when you are away, WiZ lights can be automated with presence simulation. They will turn on and off automatically, mimicking the presence of someone at home. You can decide how the lights will react when motion is detected, including turning on to full brightness, flashing, or displaying vibrant colors.

    We all know that lights play an incredibly important role in making us feel safe in our own homes. Building on our expertise in lighting, WiZ has put together the first fully integrated smart home monitoring solution that combines the features of smart lights that detect presence with SpaceSense and cameras in a seamless and straightforward way."


    Danny Lousberg

    Head of Software Product Management WiZ

    WiZ Indoor Camera to keep an eye on your home


    An important element of the new Home Monitoring proposition is the WiZ Indoor Camera, helping to create a secure environment at home. It allows you to view and control what’s happening in your home at all times, and will notify you of any suspicious movement or sound. As soon as you receive a notification, you can open the WiZ app to get a live view of what’s going on.


    Equipped with night vision, the WiZ Indoor Camera ensures that you can see everything at all times, even in the dark. Night vision is automatically enabled when the light level is low enough, using infrared to light up the space so you won't miss out on any details. The camera can also pick up on any sudden loud noises and send notifications when, for example, when noises from breaking windows or fire/smoke alarms are picked up. Additional features make this camera ideal to secure your home, such as two-way audio, image-based motion detection, wide 120 degree viewing angle, full HD, and an SD card slot.


    WiZ will also provide an optional subscription service to unlock additional features like the ability to store media from the WiZ Indoor Camera in the cloud for up to 30 days, define motion activity zones and/or privacy zones in selected areas, or to start a manual recording while the WiZ camera is streaming.


    How does that work in practice? Picture this – upon leaving for vacation, you can turn on vacation mode and presence simulation at home. If any movement is detected, your indoor and outdoor WiZ lights will flash, notifying neighbors of unwanted activity. The detected movement will also trigger a notification on your phone, so you can immediately check the real-time view of your home within the WiZ app, as well as previously recorded media within the activity overview. With WiZ’s home monitoring proposition you’re never in the dark, even when you’re not at home.



    • WiZ Indoor Camera (second half of May 2023), $69.99


    For more information, please visit


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