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    EPM installs Trulifi

    Experiencing and demonstrating innovative network connectivity


    EPM in Maastricht, The Netherlands is an electrical engineering company that installs solutions for security, data, inspection, service and maintenance. Roel Wassenberg, Account manager Trade at Signify: “EPM installed Trulifi in their own environment to try out and demonstrate fast, secure and reliable data communications as an alternative to conventional network. Trulifi enables network connectivity using lighting.”

    “As innovators, we want to experience and test new technologies in our own environment to be able to consult our clients. LiFi provides the end-user physical safety so others can’t access their private and sensitive data. Just the fact that sitting within range of the LiFi beam is all that takes to have fast, secure and reliable network connectivity is what makes LiFi an excellent solution for our customers.”


    Wil Paulus, general manager EPM

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