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    LED lighting has transformed a newly built mosque into a spiritual icon

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    May 16, 2018
    Lighting designer Ayrim Yaser Talu recently received an award for his work on the Merkez Nur Mosque in Kirikkale, Turkey. Luminous magazine spoke to him about the breath-taking architectural lighting display he helped create.

    Could we really use light to add emotion to the building? Does light really have the power to influence people?

    - Ayrım Yaser Talu, lighting designer

    Designed by the prestigious architect Necip Dinç, the Merkez Nur mosque is a religious symbol for the city of Kirikkale. To highlight and demonstrate its spiritual identity at night, mosque leaders wanted to light the 26,000m2 building with dynamic exterior lighting. Ayrim Yaser Talu, lighting designer from ZEVE Engineering and Lighting in Istanbul, embraced the challenge. His work earned him the Award of Merit from the International Association of Lighting Designers.

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