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    Office meeting room

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    Room with curtains and bedsheet

    TruGroove recessed and recessed micro

    Available in 3" and 1-3/4" micro apertures. Space-defining TruGroove recessed with corners helps create a modern functional illuminated design full of movement and sustainable elegance.
    Office hall with desk and chairs with good light

    TruGroove suspended and suspended micro

    Both the classic 3" and the the micro 1-3/4" aperture deliver exceptional uniformity and wide row spacing . Custom colors an angles are available.
    Room with chairs and great wall lighting

    TruGroove surface/wall and surface/wall micro

    Available in 3 inch, along with 1-3/4” micro apertures. Declutter your space while smoothly washing light down the wall or evenly illuminating the ceiling.
    Hall with block textured wall and chairs

    TruGroove shapes

    Complementary shapes are the perfect match to any design seeking to make a statement with uniformity consistency and quality.
    Room with texture on the wall and chairs

    TruGroove perimeter and cove

    Perimeter ambient and graze configurations, along with Cove focus and fill models assure that you can find the ideal solution for your space.