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    An all-in-one solar solution offering style with simplicity

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    SolarForm is an integrated solution

    With a battery, solar panel, and charger built into the luminaire, Gardco SolarForm luminaire features a diecast aluminum housing for sturdiness and long life. Optional motion sensors and multiple dimming profiles adjust the lighting based on occupancy, making it a truly sustainable solar lighting solution.

    See how SolarForm can solve your next lighting challenge

    SolarForm installs easily almost anywhere


    SolarForm is lightweight, installs quickly, and requires no trenching. No area is too remote when the power comes from the sun. Ideal for many applications:

    • Residential street lighting
    • Schools and pedestrian walkways
    • Rural areas, parks, and waterfronts
    • Corporate campuses
    • Industrial areas
    • Military establishments

    Solar lighting is affordable and environmentally friendly


    When replacing traditional lighting, solar lighting translates into lower energy bills. SolarForm’s motion-sensing options and multiple dimming profiles mean you don’t have to sacrifice on product features or performance in order to have a positive impact on your costs. Plus, it is extremely clean lighting, with a minimal carbon footprint – helping to protect the future of our environment.