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    Product highlights

    • Chopstick


      The Ledalite Chopstick suspended and wall LED luminaire is designed for minimalism with inconspicuous scale and clean lines. Chopstick is a delicate balance of light, form and materials to achieve a sense of harmony within a space.

    • Lightolier Calculite LED downlight products

      Lightolier Calculite LED downlight products

      Introducing the ever-expanding Calculite family of products from Lightolier. Calculite LED downlights, Calculite architectural cylinders and other future products.

    • ClearGuide Technology

      ClearGuide Technology

      Enjoy energy saving LED illumination without worrying about the harsh glare or pixelization that can be associated with LED luminaires.

    • Comfort Lighting

      Comfort Lighting

      High-performing, energy-saving LED technology without the harsh glare or pixelization that can occur with outdoor LED luminaires.

    • EcoForm LED

      EcoForm LED

      Create an impactful first impression, with the long-lasting, energy-efficient illumination of EcoForm luminaires.

    • EyeLine


      The Ledalite EyeLine suspended and wall LED luminaire will create a statement in any architectural space. Gentle low-glare illumination through ultra-thin light panels give the body a weightless appearance, but its robust performance delivers the spacing and energy savings you’ve been looking for.

    • EvoGrid


      Provides a unique blend of budget-minded design coupled with architectural appeal providing comfortable, energy efficient spaces within your budget.

    • FluxGrid


      Functional, efficient and environmentally friendly illumination throughout your spaces.

    • FluxStream


      With a consistent look and light output, the broad FluxStream luminaire family creates comfortable spaces so that your customers are satisfied.

    • LBX


      LBX luminaires provide the right light for any retail space where uniformity targets are important.

    • LED Downlights

      LED Downlights

      Our complete Lightolier LED downlight line-up, consisting of Calculite LED, LyteProfile LED and LyteCaster LED.

    • RoadFocus


      Reliably upgrade to LED roadway lighting; saving energy, maintenance and operating costs, and contributing to environmental stewardship.

    • SlimSurface LED Downlight

      SlimSurface LED Downlight

      Low profile, easy-to-install round and square surface mount downlights that will bring a sophisticated look to your ceiling

    • TruGroove


      Ledalite’s TruGroove linear architectural luminaires are available for suspended, surface, wall, recessed, perimeter and cove applications. They feature AccuRender CRI90 technology, innovative MesoOptics for glare control, plus optional Interact scalable controls for energy savings.

    • TruPath


      Whether you need an exit, combo, or emergency unit, and whether your application is commercial or industrial, this family has you covered.

    • SlimLux


      Day-Brite SlimLux allows you to choose low-glare indirect lighting within your recessed troffer budget.

    • ModiFly


      Agile and sophisticated, a new action hero has burst onto the scene, ModiFly suspended by Ledalite.

    • TunnelView


      Lumec TunnelView… a reliable solution

    • DuraForm floodlight luminaires

      DuraForm floodlight luminaires

      Gardco DuraForm… the simple choice

    • Utility lighting

      Utility lighting

      Affordable, energy efficient, and long-lasting reliable LED outdoor lights for utilities, featuring simple installation and easy maintenance along with utility friendly features.

    • SolarForm is an integrated solution

      SolarForm is an integrated solution

      With a battery, solar panel, and charger built into the luminaire, Gardco SolarForm luminaire features a diecast aluminum housing for sturdiness and long life.

    • Gardco PureForm luminaires

      Gardco PureForm luminaires

      Architectural outdoor LED site lighting family for specifiers. The PureForm family includes site and area luminaires, post top, wall sconces and bollard.

    • Tunable White Lighting Solutions

      Tunable White Lighting Solutions

      Tunable white lighting solutions you need lighting that is as fluid as your life

    • Dynalite Room Automation System

      Dynalite Room Automation System

      Philips Dynalite Room Automation System brings energy management, occupancy and daylight sensing, and code-compliance to multi-zone spaces with simple controls.

    • Day-Brite FBZ LED High Bay

      Day-Brite FBZ LED High Bay

      Day-Brite FBZ LED high bays feature targeted optics that direct the light where you need it using fewer fixtures. Perfect for a wide range of applications including warehouses, big box retail stores or gymnasiums. FBZ offers performance with simplicity and efficiency.