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    Accomplish your climate goals today


    The Green Deal has made billions of Euros in funding available to EU member states to take immediate and aggressive climate action. But the window of opportunity is short.

    Green Switch lets you take action now, using the simplest and most effective method of slashing emissions and reducing energy bills: pivoting to connected LED lighting.

    We can help you hit your sustainability goals, generate electricity savings, and protect the planet with our connected LED lighting solutions.

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    How cities can become climate action heroes

    Connected LED lighting is the ideal starting point for confronting climate change and the energy crisis. Listen to a podcast of part 1 of our exclusive insight report, co-created with Smart Cities World, or request the complete report and podcasts.
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    Smart street lighting will help future-proof our cities






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    Connected LED lighting is the key

    2020 covid emissions

    The 2020 COVID emissions dip wasn't enough


    There was a decline in carbon emissions during the pandemic, but it was merely a drop in the ocean. More is needed to see real change.

    the time to switch to LED

    The time to switch to LED is now


    Switching to LED globally could reduce lighting's carbon footprint by over 553 million tons of CO2 per year. That's like planting 25 billion trees.

    how to combat European energy crisis

    How to combat the European energy crisis


    Here are 5 approaches municipalities can take to combat fossil fuel overdependency and soaring energy bills.

    The Green Switch program

    The Green Switch program

    Our Green Switch program lets you take action using EU Green Deal funds today.

    Take the Green Switch learning path


    Connected LED lighting is the most immediate way to reduce GHG emissions. IoT capabilities built on the connected infrastructure make the smart future a reality today, creating jobs and driving prosperity. Learn how to take bold climate action now.

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    The time for action is now — make the Green Switch today