Climate policy should transcend partisan politics

    We must not allow the results of the 2024 European Parliament elections to derail progress on climate action
    Opinion polls in every EU member state anticipated that the 2024 European Parliament elections would result in a shift to the right. Statistical models that forecasted gains by the right and losses by center, left and green parties were largely on the mark. The election results will now have implications on coalitions, alignments, and national debates within EU member states.
    Various analyses show these changes will likely slow environmental reforms and could threaten recently adopted net zero targets. Measures aimed at setting higher standards for CO2 reductions may not gain needed support.
    Yet strong climate policy should unite us in opportunity. It is an issue that can transcend partisan borders. Indeed, some conservative European governments recognize climate change mitigation as the crucial developmental issue it is, and EU voters have named climate change as one of their top four priorities.

    The need for energy efficiency goes beyond politics


    Energy efficiency is key for mitigating climate change, building a strong economy, reducing poverty, and improving public health. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), two-thirds of the world’s total prime energy goes to waste. Reversing this trend requires a greater, worldwide emphasis on energy efficiency. With energy-efficient lighting and retrofits for residential and commercial buildings, businesses and individuals can enjoy lower heating and lighting bills.


    Lighting represents just one area of improvement, but its impact can be dramatic. Moving to energy-efficient LED offers an affordable and convenient path to quickly achieving energy efficiency gains. When connected, managed, monitored, and controlled, LED lighting can reduce lighting-related energy consumption by 80% or more.

    A modern energy-efficient and sustainable office building with IoT lighting.
    On a global scale, Signify has found that converting all existing conventional light points to LED can realize electricity savings of more than a thousand TWh annually, for total cost savings of €177 billion per year. The energy savings are significant on the other end of the spectrum as well. Assuming 3 hours of use per day and a cost of €0.36 per kWh, replacing ten 80-watt incandescent light bulbs with 10 12-watt LEDs would reduce a consumer’s electricity bill by €268.30 per year and produce annual energy savings of 750 kWh.

    Energy efficiency is a climate issue . . . and an economic issue


    Investing in energy efficiency leads to positive economic outcomes, both directly and indirectly. Energy-efficiency investments create as many as 21 jobs for every €1 million invested—good local jobs, such as installing double- and triple-glazed windows, changing the lights in commercial and municipal buildings and on the city streets, installing and commissioning building management systems, and so on. Over the past ten years, Europe has imported €1 billion of fossil fuel per day, so the cost savings potential of transitioning away from dependence on fossil fuels is clearly enormous.

    A turning point for Europe


    Climate change mitigation transcends political ideology and election cycles. It requires consistent, constant action by countries, cities, and citizens.

    Energy efficiency presents an opportunity to maintain and spur economic growth and to preserve grid reliability.”

    In many ways, energy efficiency is the lowest-cost energy. Unflagging support for energy efficiency improvements will help to ensure that all people living in the EU can enjoy adequate heating, cooling, lighting, and a tolerable quality of life. It’s possible to achieve this with action that embraces all political colors. And it’s the right thing to do.

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