The Well Planned Mock-Up - Words Not Needed

    Watch this webinar to hear from our eminent speakers on two topics – The Well Planned Mock-Up, and The Importance of A Talented Programmer on Iconic Installations
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    Key topics and learnings


    In part 1, we will discuss the transformative effect of a well planned and executed mock-up to communicate to a client in real time the design intent come to life in the space. Fixture selection, quantity of fixtures needed, colors selected, gear set up, are all sub-topics we will cover. We will use a current project in the Los Angeles area as a case study of the impact a mock-up can have. We will also show several before (mock-up) and after (installed) examples on projects.


    In part 2, we will learn why it is critical to use an elite programmer for iconic projects. What makes a programmer elite? How do you optimize your programmers time when they are on site and on the clock? When do you bring the programmer on board for a project and what should your expectations be?


    We will also touch on coding languages, color theory, creative effects, troubleshooting, third party integration best practices, and how to get the most out of your controller and fixture capabilities.


    Learning objectives:


    • How To Identify Landmark Locations for Potential Lighting 
    • Planning An Effective Mock-Up
    • The Check List Before Commissioning & Programming Event
    • Turning Your Programmer Loose, Opening Eyes


    Presented by

    Scott Cain

    Scott Cain

    Creative Control Light & Media



    Brian Ellsworth

    Lighting Specification Sales Associate

    at Forman & Associates

    Brian Roberge

    Brian Roberge 

    Sr Global Product Manager,




    Scott began his career in the film industry as a commercial director, filmmaker, and motion/graphics artist, as well as working in entertainment lighting. He began programming lighting nearly 15 years ago and has been responsible for the programming of many iconic installations.  Proficient in several code languages and controller agnostic, Scott specializes in programming and commissioning large systems, custom control interfaces, architectural visualization and integration.  He has recently started his own company, Creative Control Light & Media, where he will take on both lighting design, control and integration projects, as well as returning to his roots working in film/video production and motion graphics.  



    Brian Ellsworth is in his ninth year with Forman & Associates. Previously he worked in the electrical distribution industry for twenty-five years. His passion for lighting was developed while working as a light fixture consultant for set decorators and art departments in the major motion picture and television industry in Los Angeles in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. This introduced him to a wide variety of lighting companies and fixture types. His work at Forman has lead to industry relationships with a wide variety of creative people in lighting design, architecture, universities, and the major studios in Los Angeles. He considers it a privilege to work on projects that are inspirational and lead to community engagement with landmark locations.



    Brian has over 25 years of innovation strategy, product development and marketing experience.  Lead author or key contributor on at least 14 patents.  Brian has a BS in Mechanical Engineering Tech. and a Masters in Business Administration with a focus on Innovation Leadership and Entrepreneurship from Northeastern University in Boston MA.  An early key contributor at Color Kinetics has launched new-to-the-world products growing CK to a global brand with an eventual sale to Philips, now Signify in 2007.  Prior to that he was a lead product designer for the Calculite brand while at Lightolier.  Brian is a LED systems subject mater expert and creative problem solver as he continues to lead the strategy and portfolio management of CK’s flood propositions.  He enjoys travel, coaching basketball, cooking and colorfully lighting up the worlds most iconic sites.  Favorite professional sports team, Boston Celtics of course!​

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