Solar street lighting for cities

    Watch this webinar to learn how to use clean solar energy to help make your public lighting sustainable.

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    Presented by

    Indranil Goswami

    Indranil Goswami

    Director and Head, Global Product Management

    Solar Lighting, Signify

    Martijn Lammers

    Martijn Lammers

    Co-Founder, Chief Strategy,

    at Lightyear




    Indranil Goswami has more than 25 years of experience in professional lighting and currently leads product management for solar lighting based in Delhi, India.


    An electrical engineer by qualification he started his career as a Lighting Designer and was awarded the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) Award of Merit for Lighting Design in the year 2000. He was also a global subject matter expert in Architectural Lighting when he was based in Europe and supported global projects around the world. He has also led the lighting design and application team for Philips Lighting in India.


    Indranil has worked in a number of sales and marketing positions for Philips Lighting (now known as Signify). He headed the Lighting Automation category and also set up the Systems and Services Center in India when he was responsible for executing smart city and smart building projects for connected lighting before taking up his current role as Global Head for Product Management for Solar Lighting.


    His mission in his current role is to harness innovations in Photo Voltaics, Energy Storage, LED Lighting, IoT and Cloud Managed Services to bring sustainable, affordable and reliable solar lighting to the world.

    Martijn Lammers is one of the founders of Lightyear and Chief Strategy.


    After winning the World Solar Challenge with a team of students and gradating his masters in industrial design from Eindhoven University of Technology, he founded Lightyear with a team of 5 aiming to accelerate the adoption of electric cars.


    More specifically, Lightyears mission is to provide clean mobility for everyone.

    Their first car, Lightyear One, is an ultra-efficient car with solar cells integrated in the hood and roof of the car.


    Key topics and learnings

    The cities of the world have millions of street lights which are supplied with power from the grid. Every year up to 5 percent of this stock is replaced as products reach end of life. Imagine, if instead of using just another street light, these were replaced with hybrid solar streetlights. Over a period of time, it would be possible to replace a substantial part of the world's street lighting stock with products that use clean solar energy. While the world's need for street lighting increases, its impact on the planet can be reduced.


    Off grid solar lighting makes it possible to illuminate streets without spending money on laying cables and associated electrical distribution equipment. As the cost of solar components reduce and efficiencies improve, off grid solar street lighting becomes more and more viable for new street lighting points, especially in remote locations.


    A well designed hybrid solar street lighting installation costs less money and eliminates the risk of blackouts during winter or the rainy season. When the sun is shining, they use solar energy and in times of bad weather, they take power from the grid. Proper solar sizing design is required to ensure maximum performance and efficiency with minimum investment and use of grid backup.


    Learning objectives:


    • How an off grid solar lighting system works.
    • How a hybrid solar lighting system works.
    • How to design an off grid hybrid solar lighting installation.
    • How to design a hybrid solar lighting installation.
    • Factors that improve the efficiency and ROI.

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