Street lighting for smart cities: wins and trends

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    Smart street lighting
    This webinar features Eric Woods, Research Director at Guidehouse Insights; Kevin Luteran, NYPA; and Eng Yong Liang, Global Subsegment Director for Cities at Signify. Speakers address current street lighting trends, creating smart communities with connected lighting, and using the connected street lighting infrastructure as the starting point for a fully featured smart city platform.

    Presented by

    Eric Woods
    Eric Woods
    Research Director at Guidehouse Insights
    Kevin Luteran
    Kevin Luteran
    Smart Street Lighting NY Program Manager at NYPA
    Eng Yong lang
    Eng Yong Liang
    Global Subsegment Director for Cities at Signify
    Eric Woods is a research director leading Guidehouse Insights’ coverage of smart cities. In this role, he brings together his research experience across energy, mobility, buildings, and government. He has more than 25 years of experience as an analyst and consultant on new technology trends, including in-depth research in the areas of IT infrastructure, data analytics, knowledge management, public sector IT, and cleantech innovation. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and is quoted regularly in major publications. Woods has worked on consultancy assignments for a wide range of clients, including public and private sector technology users and global suppliers, as well as many small and growing technology companies. Before joining Guidehouse Insights, Woods was government practice director at Ovum. Prior to joining Ovum, Woods worked as an analyst, developer, and project manager in public sector IT. Woods holds an MSc in information systems from the University of Brighton and a Ph.D. in English literature, an MA in critical theory, and a BA in English from the University of Sussex.
    Kevin Luteran is the Program Manager for Smart Street Lighting NY at the New York Power Authority. He oversees the program and its goal of converting 500,000 street lights to LED technology by 2025. Kevin has developed a new service to leverage the existing street light infrastructure to incorporate smart city technology. He is also created a street light maintenance service to ensure street lights remain operational long after the conversion for municipalities that convert their street lights through NYPA.

    Eng Yong Liang is Global Subsegment Director for Cities at Signify.


    He started his lighting career 20 years ago as a sales engineer before moving into product and business management. Yong Liang joined Signify in 2010, managing outdoor luminaire portfolios. He is currently responsible for global smart cities, road and street systems, and services propositions.

    Moderated by

    Barbara Kreissler
    Barbara Kreissler
    Director Professional Lighting for Global Public and Government Affairs at Signify

    Barbara Kreissler is Director of professional lighting in the global Public and Government Affairs department at Signify.


    She is responsible for global strategic outreach and stakeholder management of public-private partnerships with a focus on energy, climate change and smart city programs. As such she enables and facilitates the transition of cities, states and regions to energy efficient, sustainable LED lighting solutions and IOT-enabled lighting systems and services.

    Key topics and learnings


    In this webinar, you’ll learn how IoT lighting technology can help make a city smarter, safer, and more sustainable. Cities and urban areas are powerhouses for economic growth and consumption. It’s time to make cities more inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. Signify’s Interact City is a smart LED lighting system that connects and informs, enhancing citizen safety, improving city services and beautifying public spaces. Targeted lighting, system integration, and data driven insights can help to reduce street crime rates by 21% and road traffic accident rates by 30%.


    Eric Woods, Research Director at Guidehouse Insights, will talk about smart city trends and the future outlook on using advanced technologies for the efficient operation, monitoring, and management of street lighting within a smart city strategy. Eric’s presentation will include findings from the Guidehouse Insights Smart Street Lighting Vendors research report, in which Signify was ranked global leader in smart street lighting. The report offers an evaluation of vendors in the smart street lighting market across the globe focusing on providers of connected lighting controls, software, and networking solutions. It also assesses the degree to which companies are integrating their smart street lighting solutions with the broader smart cities market.


    Kevin Luteran will present the Smart Street Lighting NY program, sponsored by the New York Power Authority (NYPA) to replace half a million street lights in the State of New York with energy-efficient LED by 2025. Kevin will provide an overview of the program’s progress to date, and will explain how Interact City IoT lighting software and systems allows NYPA to leverage the existing street light infrastructure to incorporate smart city technology.


    Eng Yong Liang, Signify’s Global Subsegment Director for Cities, will offer examples of how IoT tech’s data-gathering, analytical, and automation capabilities drive breakthroughs in urban management. The results are deep insights for city managers and planners, increased resilience, lower municipal costs, and a better quality of life for citizens in general.


    Learning objectives:


    • How Guidehouse Insights determines leadership positions for smart street lighting vendors?
    • How connected street lighting can help build a smart city ecosystem?
    • Interact City and NYPA: successes and benefits to cities and citizens across the state of New York
    • Smart street lighting trends: what’s on the horizon?

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