Leveraging LiFi to monetize co-working lobbies

    Watch this webinar to learn how coworking, equipped with Trulifi, can prove to be an asset to the global markets.
    Leveraging LiFi to monetize coworking lobbies

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    Presented by

    Ed Huibers
    Ed Huibers
    Karen Bamford
    Karen Bamford
    James Harrison
    James Harrison 
    Trulifi Go to market Leader Office and Hospitality. An experienced Business Development lead with a strong history of commercialising emerging technologies in the electrical and electronic manufacturing industry. 
    Trulifi Business Development Manager Hospitality. 20+ years of experience developing value propositions and driving commercial value in the telecoms industry.
    A hospitality technology consultant with 15 years of experience working with hotels, systems integrators and consultancies. Throughout this time having advised and designed technology solutions for some of the world’s largest hotel chains and leisure park operators.


    Key topics and learnings


    The global market value of flexible workspaces is estimated at an approximate $26 billion. Up until 2022, the number of coworking spaces is expected to grow at an annual rate of 13%. It’s no wonder hotels are moving to take a share of this growing trend. They already cater to freelance workers and the traditional hotel lobby is the ideal space to host a sharing and productivity hub.


    The new breed of co-working guest desires productive, comfortable and service-led workspaces, in a collaborative environment. Designer surroundings, a fresh lunch and a friendly atmosphere plus all the rentable drawers, USB ports and power points… AND of course, great wireless connectivity.


    With hotel chains buying up coworking providers, and new sub-brands being developed to cater to the modern traveler, how fast do you need to move to stay ahead of the curve?.


    Learning Objectives


    • Get introduced to LiFi
    • How to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to coworking in your hotel lobby
    • How coworking, equipped with Trulifi, isn’t just the preserve of the jet-set and digital nomads - learn how to tap into more potential customers nearby than you ever imagined
    • How you, as a hotel partner or system integrator, can work with Trulifi to drive revenue and increase loyalty

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