Product Security Practices at Signify

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    Key topics and learnings


    Signify security experts Fabio Vignoli and Barbara Oosterveld will offer insights on the topic of cybersecurity, and give you an opportunity to ask questions. How do we manage security at Signify? How do we make sure that security is performed according to best practices?


    Although it may sound kind of boring, governance is the answer:


    • Device security
      Signify manufactures lighting and IoT components. What actions do we take to make our devices secure? What are our best practices?
    • Business continuity
      Our devices are connected to the cloud on the back end. Signify is responsible for making sure our customers can continue working, think about our lighting systems deployed at a customer’s factory.
    • Shared responsibility
      Signify will do what we can as a manufacturer to implement the right security in our devices, but both the certified systems integrators (CSIs) who partner with us and our customers have much to do to install, operate, and manage an installation in a secure way.

    Learning objectives:


    • How do we manage security at Signify?
    • How do we handle security during development and operations?
    • What actions do we take during design, development, and testing?
    • What is our responsibility as a manufacturer?

    Presented by


    Fabio Vignoli

    Head of product security,

    Digital Solutions at Signify


    Barbara Oosterveld

    Application Security Manager,




    Fabio Vignoli holds a Master’s in Electrical Engineering with a major in Telecommunications and a Ph.D. in Information Science with a focus on speech recognition from the University of Genova, Italy. After a brief stint as independent analyst and software developer, he joined Philips Research in 2001 and worked on algorithms for music recommendations and playlist generation. He co-founded two corporate ventures and as Chief Technical Officer of the second he joined Philips Lighting in 2010. In 2013 he moved to Boston, USA as Director of Engineering and managed the Cloud Development team for Professional Systems in Philips Lighting with teams in Europe, USA and India. In this role, he started to get involved more actively in cyber security. In 2017 he joined the Corporate Security Department of Philips Lighting to shape standards and procedures for Product Security. Since 2019, Fabio is the Head of Product Security for the Professional Lighting department of Signify (the new name of Philips Lighting). In this role, Fabio has broad responsibilities over Strategy, Risk Management & Governance, Application Security, Cloud/IoT and Operations Security, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Security.



    Barbara Oosterveld is a CISSP, CSSLP and CISM certified cyber security manager with over 25 years’ experience in Security. After graduating Computer Sciences at the University of Twente, she gained this experience amongst others in the high tech and financial sector and with governments, and in her own security company NedSecure. Currently she is Application Security Manager at Signify (formerly Philips Lighting), where she is responsible for defining the Product Security requirements and competence program of Signify. She has written many articles and co-authored the book ‘Nederland gaat Digitaal met een veilig gevoel’. She likes cooking and growing her own vegetables. She is also a Cybermom; coaching young women in Tech and Security (her cyberbabes).

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