We're nowhere near Human- Centred Design yet

    Attend this webinar to understand how to bring to the table the evidence of value of work.
    Nowhere near Human Centred design yet

    Attend this webinar


    Live on Thursday May 28, 2020 

    4:00 PM CET/10:00 AM EDT


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    Presented by

    Mr Surlakar
    Itai Palti
    Director, HUME
    Hume is a science-informed architecture and urban design
    practice backed by research at its Human Metrics Lab
    Itai is a practicing architect and researcher focusing on designing with the human experience in mind. He is Director of Hume, a science-informed architecture and urban design practice backed by research at its Human Metrics Lab.

    In 2015, Itai founded the Conscious Cities movement; a new field of research and practice for building people-centred environments that are aware and responsive using data analysis, AI, tech, and science-informed design. 

    Itai is the Director of The Centre for Conscious Design, a think tank focused on using design to address urban challenges facing society today and in the future. The centre publishes open-access research and organises human-centred and science-informed design events worldwide.

    His design work and writing has been featured internationally and he is a regular speaker at events focused on human-centred design.


    Key topics and learnings


    Why is it that many underestimate the value of good design? Should we be content with the current role of those working to shape the built environment? Itai Palti will speak about an emerging science-driven paradigm shift in the industry that is already changing what people expect and want from their surroundings. We will follow the potential for an evidence base to empower and guide designers' intuition towards better outcomes, and regain their lost agency to drive social change.


    Learning Objectives


    • How can we leverage evidence to help others perceive the value of design
    • How the environment as a determinant of health will change the building industry
    • Why can't we do the work we imagined we'd be doing going into design, and how can we get there?
    • Making the invisible, visible: How to bring to the table evidence of the value of your work.


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