A New Age for  Smart Cities

    Watch this webinar and learn about prerequisites for smart cities, the value of data and the data maturity gap and opportunities beyond the city.

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    Presented by

    Jennifer Belissent
    Jennifer Belissent, Ph. D.
    Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
    Andreas Knobloch
    Andreas Knobloch
    Alliance Manager Public Segment at Signify
    Jennifer serves customer insights professionals and their business partners with research on business technology adoption, focusing primarily on tools and services to help organizations better use and share data.

    Key topics and learnings

    What’s not to like about the thought of becoming smart. But what does “smart” mean for our cities?  Much of the talk around smart cities focuses on the technologies – connected infrastructure, mobile applications, and vast quantities of data.  Translating these new tools into more efficient and effective public policies and services is the true key to becoming a smart city.


    In this latest webinar, Jennifer Belissent, PhD, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, and Andreas Knobloch, Alliance Manager Public Segment at Philips Lighting, discuss the true promise of smart cities and the prerequisites for getting there. As a starting point, city leaders must understand the current state and future needs of the city and only then they can design appropriate programs and deliver efficient and effective services. Our speakers will also address potential stumbling blocks such as the challenge of turning data into insights and ultimately into actions. City officials must improve overall data maturity, developing capabilities and competencies, and ultimately encourage a culture that recognizes the value of data and analytics.


    Using examples from cities like Boston and Buenos Aires, this webinar delivers insights into how to prioritize city initiatives, highlights best practices in building systems of insights, and provides recommendations for building broader ecosystems behind the city.

    Reports and insights


    A successful smart cities initiative relies on smart technology, but it also requires leadership and vision. We've collected the resources and information here to guide you and inspire you.

    Forrester: Buenos Aires is insights driven

    Leading industry analyst Forrester reports on several new initiatives that are contributing to making Buenos Aires a smart city. 

    By investing in connected city infrastructure and Internet of Things capabilities, the city of Buenos Aires is driving transformation. In order to personalize infrastructure changes, Buenos Aires has implemented systematic citizen engagement to ensure the need of citizens are being met.

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