Light Up A Shopping Cart, In Store or At Home

    Watch this webinar to learn how the future of retail lighting can create an ambiance and provide entertainment.

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    Presented by

    Lei Pang
    Lei Pang
    Lumia Lighting Design, Shanghai


    Lei Pang is an award-winning lighting designer and enjoys collaborating with architectural, interior, UI and interactivity design, and explore what could impact the industry and our lives in future.  


    He is a partner at Lumia Lighting Design in Shanghai and also a frequent contributor at lighting forums, conferences and universities.


    Key topics and learnings


    Over the last few years, 'brick and mortar' stores shuttered and many retail companies went bankrupt around the globe and even more were hit hard. However since 2018, with an interest twist, we saw the rebirth of physical retail, with startups developing their own take on stores and large scale developers rethinking how shopping malls should be designed anew. As predicted by futurist Faith Popcorn, "containment," the integration of ultra-convenience, consumption, and entertainment. 


    Perhaps in the future, heading to the store may be like going to the movies instead of watching at home. You go for the experience. In that sense, retail lighting will no longer be display orientated, but more to create an ambiance, and provide entertainment. And as lighting designers, when designing lighting for retail, maybe not only we need to think of 'cinemas' but also 'private theaters' at consumer's home.


    Here are the learning objectives of this webinar:

    • Factory: product making, retail: dream making
    • From display oriented lighting to experience oriented lighting
    • Lighting that connects store and home
    • Lighting, Sensor and Privacy

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