Shaping the future of lighting - how EU policies impact lighting 

    Watch this webinar to get to know about EU policy-making which could impact lighting and to help you identify the challenges and the opportunities for your company.
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    Key topics and learnings


    Policies and laws have a direct impact on industry and on markets. This webinar will map the major policy and regulatory trends in Europe and discuss how they shape the future of lighting, in terms of stimulating demand for products and technologies or influencing future product design and business models. 


    The EU policy environment is complex. It's hard to navigate through: from the big visions set out in the EU Renovation Wave Initiative and the EU Green Deal, down to the details of the EU ecodesign and energy labelling rules for lights sources and the proposals for the new EU Energy Performance of Buildings directive, and not forgetting the phase out of fluorescent lamps under 2 separate pieces of legislation.


    LightingEurope is the trade association representing Europe’s lighting manufacturing industry. It is based in Brussels and is in regular contact with the persons who draft and vote on new policies and laws, to share the knowledge and experience of its members and shape a positive business environment. 


    This webinar will guide you through the maze of EU policy-making, looking at what the current obligations are and what changes to expect next, to help you identify the challenges and the opportunities for your company.


    Learning objectives:


    • Explore the major policy and regulatory trends from across Europe
    • Understand how EU policies and laws impact the future of lighting
    • Deep-dive into future sustainability requirements and LightingEurope’s work to shape these
    • Identify opportunities to adapt product design and business models


    Presented by


    Ourania Georgoutsakou

    Secretary General, LightingEurope




    Ourania Georgoutsakou is the Secretary General of LightingEurope, the voice of the lighting industry in Brussels. Ourania joined LightingEurope in April 2017 and is responsible for LightingEurope’s strategy and impact. Her role is to represent Europe’s lighting industry in the Brussels political arena, liaise with industry executives and manage the association’s operations. She has 20-years’ experience of advocating for membership associations, previously working as Director of Public Policy in Europe for SEMI and as Senior Policy Coordinator with the Assembly of European Regions in Strasbourg and in Brussels.

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