Motorsport Night Racing on Street Circuits

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    Motorsport night racing

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    Presented by

    Roberto Grilli

    Roberto Grilli

    General Manager Urbanism,

    DZ Engineering

    Thierry Jean
    Thierry Jean Baptiste Chapiteau
    Business Leader Professional
    Sub-Segment Lead Sports and Arenas

    Engr. Roberto Grilli is DZ Engineering’s General Manager. With over fifteen years of experience in the motorsports and lighting industries, he is responsible for both commercial and project management in integrated solutions for racetrack circuits, sports venues lighting, museums and architectural lighting at places of worship.


    Holding a degree in engineering, Engr. Grilli acquired extensive knowledge in the motorsport field as a designer and project manager for energy and lighting systems with the Valerio Maioli Group in 2007. In 2009, he started leading the Singapore branch. In 2010, he moved up the corporate ladder to undertake his role as manager of the Motorsport Systems Department. Under his leadership, the department has since expanded, covering Sports Lighting Solutions.


    Engr. Grilli has pioneered projects for the world renowned Formula 1 Night Race in Singapore, power and communications systems for motorsport venues in Asia and the architectural lighting for UNESCO sites in Italy.


    As the driving force behind the company’s growth, Engr. Grilli has helped to generate new business projects and drive collaborations for the development of innovative products and solutions in lighting, power and communications.

    Thierry holds an Engineering Degree in Civil Engineer. He is has the global responsibility of the Sports and Arena Subsegment that belongs to Public. He is leading the transition to System and Services by delivering solutions and innovations to Customers.

    Key topics and learnings


    The role of sports venues is evolving. They’re now much more than just a building where sport is played. They’re entertainment hubs, and the matchday experience is more important than ever. What’s more, sports facilities are increasingly being adapted to host other kinds of events, such as concerts. Stringent broadcasting standards mean venues need to keep up; not only to provide a memorable experience, but also retain revenue. On top of this, there’s an increased focus on safety and sustainability, resulting in a range of challenges that venues need to face.


    Thanks to a growing interest in integrated and IoT-based applications, Interact Sports is fast becoming the way forward to tackle these challenges for sports venues across the world.


    Interact Sports is the technology that powers smarter sports facilities. It’s an end-to-end integrated connected lighting system, where you can control all aspects of lighting in all areas of your venue.


    Our software applications enable you to create a seamless and enjoyable experience for your athletes and visitors, from the moment they arrive, to the moment they leave. You can integrate the lighting with other building systems, while using data to analyze and improve your operational efficiency and even explore whole new revenue streams.


    We have over 70 years’ experience in sport lighting, from 1949 at the Stadium of Charleroi in Belgium, all the way to the 2018 World Cup in Russia. What’s more, we’re always at the forefront of the latest innovations. We delivered the very first indoor LED pitch lighting installation in the world back in 2012, demonstrating our position as technology leader in the world of lighting.


    Lately Street Circuits are becoming important venues in the motorsport industry. A Night Race will sensitively increase the appeal for spectators and opportunities for promoters. 


    Learning objectives:


    • Strong corporate culture in innovation is key to delivering pioneering projects
    • Strong government support and local community’s buy-in were key to the successful delivery of projects held in public sphere.
    • Lighting up a facility with fixed boundaries and parameters is different compared to lighting up public space with dynamic perimeter, it requires the project team to adapt to local guidelines and have active management of all stakeholders
    • In-depth analysis of the project extends beyond technical considerations, but other factors such as social, environmental, political etc are included to customize a solution.

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