The Evolution of Light

    A study on the influence of Chinese culture on modern-day lighting.

    Since the discovery of light, illumination techniques have evolved alongside human civilization. From the ancient fire torches to modern light bulbs, lighting is an integral part of the human life. However with the progression in technology, lighting no longer remains a means of lighting up the dark. From the invention of a simple on-off switch, we are now able to adjust brightness, colors and projection range at our fingertips—to effect a desired mood in the surrounding space. This is why, as a global leader in lighting technology, we believe that lighting is possibly the quickest and most powerful way to evoke moods. Here at Signify (previously Philips lighting design lab), we are inspired to study the depth of this connection.


    As time passes, the Chinese people are increasingly using lighting to achieve desired moods. However their lack of knowledge in the cultural symbolism of light has often led to fanciful yet meaningless displays. We believe we can awaken this sub-consciousness knowledge by deep diving into their cultural roots. The objective of this white paper  is to explore the growing impact of light on moods, align with the needs of the Chinese market and to define the lighting culture in modern-day China.

    This white paper is currently available in English and Chinese.


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