Parsons grad receives lighting design award

    Parsons grad wins Learning Innovation Award 2014

    Recent School of Constructed Environments (SCE) graduate, Dagmara Nowak was named the recipient of the Philips Learning Innovation Award at the school’s commencement ceremony in May. Sponsored by Philips as part of the company’s Luminous Talks Partnership with Parsons, the award recognizes a project that advances research, technology, and function in the lighting design discipline. Nowak’s project was selected for its futuristic application of light that not only illuminated space, but also offered the potential of defining the physicality of the space. Gerard Blandina, Philips Lighting District Manager, presented Nowak with a trophy and the $1500 prize earlier this month.
    Learning Innovation award

    Nowak, who was born in Poland and raised outside of Chicago, told the New_S she became interested in the future of lighting while researching new technology. For her thesis, she proposed using strategically placed light poles and manipulated photon molecules to create a functional research station in Alert, Nunavut, Canada, a hub of scientific investigation some 500 miles from the North Pole. Nowak’s design may have relevant applications in other extreme environments such as deserts, jungles, and underwater spaces. She will continue to explore cutting edge technologies at Tillotson Design Associates, a lighting design consultancy based in New York City.


    In 2012 Philips Lighting and Parsons The New School for Design joined forces for Luminous Talks. Luminous Talks is a series of educational events bringing together architects, designers, academics, and other industry professionals to discuss innovations and current topics in lighting design.

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