Burlington Sessions #3: A New Language of Lighting

    Burlington Sessions #3: A New Language of Lighting


    Listen to Lighting Designers and Artists to find out more about their passions on lighting architecture.

    Burlington session 3

    Signify and the Lighting Academy hosted the 3rd Burlington Sessions, a CoCreate aimed at bringing together world renown lighting artists and designers.

    This invitation only event, is leading the way into the future of lighting.

    These sessions are very hands-on, Signify shares some of the solutions we are developing in a very early stage, our guests were able to experiment and explore, and share their ideas on what/how would these concepts work for them and their customers.

    The goal is to engage with extreme/ fringe lighting artists and designers – those who inspire us, push the limits of what lighting can do, create a new language of lighting!

    Our Guests

    Amy Critchett

    Amy Critchett is an art worker realizing both of Leo Villareal's largest public artworks, San Francisco's The Bay Lights and London's Illuminated River as well as many others these last ten years as his trusted Executive Producer of Public Art. She is a strategist, producer and master collaborator who lives by the adages "it takes a lot of effort to look effortless", " just got to ask real nice" and "every meeting with everyone at every level is a valuable piece of the art making puzzle". Amy is mother, an art wife and an artist whose own maximalist optimist art practice is onview on Instagram @aceclectice.


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    Eli Sirlin likes to experiment with light and focused her profession in using light as a language in all the lighting work she developed during the last 30 years. Architect and Professor of Fine Arts, she has directed a wide variety of architectural, theatrical, opera, dance, performance, multimedia and art-light projects. She is Head of the Lighting Design Department at the National University of Arts and Professor of Lighting Design in Architecture Studies at the University of Buenos Aires. 


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    Wouter Westen

    Wouter Westen has been working as an artist, filmmaker & creative director in Amsterdam for the past twenty years. After graduating he honed his craft as a freelance graphic designer for several years before founding the AV collective Circus Family, known for it’s strong and distinctive graphic aesthetic. With his collective approach he aims to connect multiple disciplines into powerful audiovisual experiences using motion design to create dynamic lighting solutions.


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    Lyn Godley

    Lyn Godley began her career in Fine Arts. Since then, her work has crossed the borders of interiors, product, furniture, lighting, and jewelry. Her designs, done both individually and as partner of Godley-Schwan (1984-1998) have been exhibited internationally.


    She is involved in research on how the integration of dynamic light in artwork can create a deeper conversation by affecting both the environment and ultimately the user. Research into visual as well as nonvisual effects of light and imagery, is leading to trials on the impact of dynamic and interactive art in healthcare.


    In addition to her studio work, she is a fulltime Professor of Industrial Design at Thomas Jefferson University (formerly Philadelphia University).


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    Robb Pope

    Robb Pope founded Digital Ambiance after 5 years of concert touring as a lighting designer and video engineer. Recognizing the growing market for innovative lighting projection and interactive installations he put together a team of artists and engineers to design and build the architectural lighting installations Digital Ambiance is now known for. Using a combination of addressable LED, projection mapping, and new sensor technology, Digital Ambiance is pushing the boundaries of what it means to create architectural lighting and new media installations.


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    Sarvadeep Basur

    Sarvdeep Basur started experimenting with lighting design accidentally and has spent the next 30 years excelling at the same over 6000+ projects across Asia and Europe. He is an ardent lover of nature and is dedicated to preserve it through sensible design. He is passionate about horticulture and articulates his design to celebrate nature & lighting together. He enthusiastically designs decorative and architectural luminaires and has multiple patents in his name.


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    Matthew Schrieber

    Matthew Schreiber produces work in a wide variety of mediums, including drawing, performance, sculpture, video, and light, mostly known for his work with Holography and Laser Light Sculptures. Recurring subjects within Schreiber's work center on novelty, the occult, and spectacle by using tools of physics, technology and perception.


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    Andrea Mantello

    Andrea Mantello is an architect with an intense curiosity for intermingling art, design and lighting. After collaborations with Arte Povera artists and architects in Turin and Berlin, Andrea extended his inquisitiveness into the realm of experiential design, joining ACTLD as a principal designer and partner charged with the conception and management of large-scale projects. He considers himself an “archisan”, a combination of “architect” and 'artisan” who enhances the inherent characteristics of materials - be it stone or wood - by sculpting space through light.


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