Premium, branded, secure connectivity for your business guests

    Your guests expect a good connection


    Your business guests expect the wireless connection to be at least as good as home. They use this connection to:


    • Perform business critical work, increasingly in the lobby and shared spaces as well as in the guest room
    • Access more and more services in the cloud, conducting video conferences and sharing large files.
    • Watch the next episode of their favorite series on their own device.


    The challenge is to provide adequate service. The high density of radio signals in a hotel frequently results in interference. Predicting, identifying and resolving the quality of a guest's Wi-Fi experience is therefore difficult.

    Premium, tangible & branded cutting-edge connectivity


    Trulifi is the solution for premium, tangible and branded cutting-edge connectivity for your business and loyalty program guests. A branded access key raises the value perception and willingness to pay for a good connection. The regular connection is freed up for lighter use devices, so you can ensure a fast connection for all of your guests.

    Related applications

    • Trulifi zones in your hotels

      Trulifi zones in your hotels

      Trulifi allows guests to enjoy a high-speed, secure connection of up to 200 Mbps that is safely separate from connections in adjoining rooms.

    • Next gen internet access for coffee house and lobby guests

      Next gen internet access for coffee house and lobby guests

      Coffee houses and social hospitality areas are increasingly becoming the next gen internet cafes. Ensure a tangible, reliable & fast connection with Trulifi.

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