Trulifi enhances the value of workplaces


    Several trends in the evolution of business buildings are increasing the demand for better connectivity in the office environment.

    Trends in the office space

    Flexible workspaces
    (>1 person per workplace)
    Increased use of
    cloud-based work 
    More online collaboration tools
    (like Skype™, Teams™)
    More “rent a spot”
    “hot desking”

    For real estate owners and developers, Trulifi can potentially increase the value of their property by offering business tenants stable, fast and secure network access alongside their current platform.


    Coverage for mobile devices is improved. And by integrating this communications capability directly into the lighting system, ceilings remain clutter-free – preserving the aesthetics of the building.


    Trulifi is ideal for open-plan office spaces, flex-desk areas, and rooms requiring high-speed internet connections for online meetings and the like.


    Smart hand-over and interference management turn wireless connectivity into a hassle-free experience. And the provision of access keys and strictly defined communications areas ensure absolute security at all times.

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    Globalworth installs Trulifi in Warsaw office

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    Our solution

    Trulifi 6002

    Trulifi 6002 series has a net data rate up to 200 Mbps downlink and 140 Mbps uplink. With the unique LiFi-Controller large areas (up to 300m2) can be created with seamless LiFi coverage. The optional integration into luminaires offers a clutterfree ceiling. Secure, reliable and fast.


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