Trulifi enables industrial digitalization

    Industry 4.0

    As factory automation increases along the road to Industry 4.0, digitalization affects several business areas.

    Trends in industry

    Efficient customization
    Efficient customization
    Smart supply chain management
    Smart supply chain management
    Digital factory
    Digital Factory
    Intelligent distribution
    Intelligent distribution

    Manufacturing and logistics operators (as well as related businesses) are increasingly in need of real-time data and control to enable IoT applications and devices. For example, Machine-2-machine, last-yards and smart vehicle control connections.


    Trulifi is an infrared-based wireless connectivity solution that offers physical security, low-latency, and is immune to interference in challenging environments. Where radio is not an option, Trulifi enables the applications of industry 4.0.


    With speeds up to 845 Mbps, highly reliable wireless connections up to 20 meters can be established.

    Related application

    • DHL Innovation Center

      DHL Innovation Center

      The DHL Innovation Center in Troisdorf, just outside of Cologne, Germany explores how innovative technology and best practices impact logistics.

    • Wieland Electric is piloting Trulifi

      Wieland Electric is piloting Trulifi

      Industry 4 0 requires intelligent solutions, and therefore Wieland Electric is investigating the use of LiFi at it’s in house manufacturing facilities

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    Our solution

    Trulifi 6014


    Trulifi 6014 is a fixed point-to-point system. It acts as a wireless cable with a guaranteed net data rate up to 845 Mbps for the downlink and uplink. The product is IP67 rated and designed for various applications within industry 4.0, Transportation, Government and Defense roll outs.


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