Trulifi improves the guest experience in hospitality locations


    When it comes to providing accommodation and entertainment, hospitality businesses are often the trendsetters in the digital evolution.

    Trends in hotels

    Wireless connectivity is a must have for any hotels
    Guests expect the same quality as in office or home
    More online content and video streaming services
    Lobbies are transforming into productive coworking spaces

    To differentiate their services, hotel owners and franchisees catering to the business traveler are constantly looking for new ways to satisfy the needs of these discerning users. Providing a reliable and premium internet connection – one that is fast, hassle-free and highly secure – is a natural next step.


    The Trulifi solution offers a new opportunity for hotel chains to delight their guests, as well as benefiting from an additional revenue team.  Providing own-brand USB access keys will allow users to enjoy a high-speed connection of up to 200 Mbps, separate and secure from others in adjoining rooms.


    Thus, Trulifi offers guests a private, stable, secure and dedicated wireless network connection that is much faster than the usual WiFi connectivity. Guests can make use of LiFi hotspots in meeting rooms, lounges and guestrooms, where the network connections are simply plug and play.

    Related applications

    Offer your guests fast and secure internet access with LiFi hotspots in your hotel.
    Upgrade your conference rooms with the best internet access available, LiFi offers secure, reliable and fast access.
    Transform your restaurant, coffee house or hotel lobby to the best place to work with premium LiFi access.

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    Our Solutions

    Trulifi 6002


    Trulifi 6002 series has a net data rate up to 200 Mbps, in combination with the unique LiFi-controller, large areas can be covered with seamless LiFi communication. Plug and play USB access keys will give the guests and users a perfect experience. The 128 bits encryption improves the security in applications where needed.


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    Trulifi 6013


    Trulifi 6013 is a fixed point to point system. It acts like a wireless cable with a data rate up to 250 Mbps. The system can be used in events or other temporary set ups.





    Download the specification sheet

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