Lighting that makes employees vital and alert

    NatureConnect brings daylight into offices

    In a typical office building, approximately 30% of the workplaces are located close to the window. The remaining m2 does not facilitate sufficient daylight, and is dependent on the lighting. Specifically meeting rooms are often located in the center of the floorplan lacking daylight.


    NatureConnect brings the benefits of daylight indoors, which supports to stay active during the day. It energizes employees, and creates productive areas. ​

    NatureConnect brings daylight into offices

    Office case studies

    Health care Meander medical
    IWG Battersea Power Station, London, the UK
    IWG, world’s largest co-working space company known from Regus and Spaces, recently opened a venue at London’s iconic Battersea Power Station. This resulted in offices without windows in the co-working location. NatureConnect by Signify helped IWG to create spaces with the sense of daylight and a blue sky.

    BNP Paribas Real Estate, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France


    The employees of BNP Paribas can now experience the benefits of natural lighting scenes that reconnect them with the outside world, resulting in an enhanced workplace and improved well-being.


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    Health care Meander medical
    Health care Meander medical

    Hardeman BV, Veenendaal, the Netherlands


    The employees of Hardeman BV can experience the benefits of daylight even when they are in the middle of their newly build office. NatureConnect lighting is enhancing their spaces with a view to the sky for a feeling of spaciousness and connection to the outdoors.


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    NatureConnect office applications


    NatureConnect can add value across multiple office applications – check out the NatureConnect by Signify Global Lookbook here, and YouTube playlist here to discover more.

    Meeting rooms

    Meeting rooms

    Meeting rooms are spaces where many people sit together on a relatively small space. Nowadays such rooms facilitate technologies to easily connect with employees who are located elsewhere.


    NatureConnect impacts the feeling of spaciousness in the room, and supports people to stay alert and productive while ensuring the quality of the camera image for online meetings.

    Open offices

    Open offices

    If it is not possible to realize an office floor close to a window, it’s allowed by regulations to design workplaces without daylight, for instance basements.

    This yields for both large open offices and small flex-offices. Not having enough exposure to natural light impacts alertness and creativity.


    NatureConnect creates engaging spaces, and energizes employees.


    Alertness and vitality
    NatureConnect leads to higher alertness and vitality
    NatureConnect mimics natural daylight with a view to the sky and a melanopic boost to bring the benefits of the outdoors indoors. Study shows:
    • Employees are more alert under NatureConnect
    • Employees above the age of 41 are more vital​
    • Critical melanopic boost to support a good sleep-wake cycle

    NatureConnect leads to higher occupancy


    Study with multiple tenants at Amsterdam Edge West based on 4 months measurements and 333 meetings using the Wilcoxon analysis shows:


    • Increased occupancy of 48% 
    • 2 hours per day more occupied
    • 7x more full day bookings
    Nature connect leads to higher occupancy


    Natureconnect download page

    NatureConnect download page

    This is the online assets hub for NatureConnect by Signify. Here, you’ll find comprehensive information of the diverse product portfolio along with the relevant technical documents as well as the step-by-step instructions on commissioning and installation of luminaires.


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    Nature connect studies

    NatureConnect global showrooms

    Interested in learning more about NatureConnect and would like to experience the daylight effect by yourself? Please make an appointment with us and we’ll direct you to one of our showrooms nearby, available all around the globe.


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    Nature connect studies

    NatureConnect studies

    These two studies outline the positive impact of NatureConnect on daily alertness and vitality of office workers as well as the benefits of NatureConnect in meeting rooms with no natural daylight leading to higher occupancy.


    Read here the study on increased alertness and vitality of employees


    Read here the study on leveraging the occupancy of meeting rooms

    Interested in bringing natural light indoors?