Lighting that energizes staff and helps patients relax

    Meander Medical Center, Amersfoort, Netherlands


    Top clinical hospital Meander Medical Center from Amersfoort recently opened the renovated Eye Clinic. However, the new location is completely indoors, which meant there was a lack of direct daylight. The solution was found in NatureConnect, the lighting that imitates natural light all day long. NatureConnect gives energy and contributes to a feeling of well-being which is an important advantage, given the great pressure that healthcare workers face.

    Sometimes I feel like the sun is shining and daylight is coming in. NatureConnect gives me energy all day long."


    Laura Kouwenberg, nurse Meander Medical Center

    Customer Challenge

    In the outpatient environment of the eye clinic, patients are coming and going all day long. They visit the location for short, intensive treatment by highly specialized staff, such as nurses and doctors. Patients and staff benefit from optimal performance and minimum stress. Attention to health and well-being is therefore essential. Annemarie Schaap, project leader at Meander Medical Center: “The fact that we wanted daylight in a department without outside windows was a challenge in the design phase. We found a perfect solution in NatureConnect from Signify.”

    The Solution


    Daylight helps us with our natural biological clock. By focusing on this, we sleep better, feel more energetic and are in a better mood. A shortage of daylight has a negative impact on our well-being. At Meander Medical Center, the solution for simulating natural daylight was found in NatureConnect. The Skylight luminaires give the feeling that you are looking directly outside. Together with the Daylight luminaires, they provide the energetic 'daylight feeling'. In addition to the automatic 24-hour biodynamic daily rhythm, nurses can also select other scenes via the wall switch. The Energize mode provides extra light for tasks where focus is required, and the Relax mode provides a warmer light experience.


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    NatureConnect brings natural light into healthcare

    Case Studies

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