DoE requirements

    New DoE requirements,

    effective February 10, 2017

    Effective February 10 2017, the United States Department of Energy will begin enforcement of the new rulings requiring higher efficiency metal halide luminaires.  All metal halide luminaires manufactured on this date or after will be required to meet these new requirements for installations located in the United States or USA territories.


    This is a continuance of the improvements required in the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, originally named the Clean Energy Act of 2007, which was introduced into the Senate in June 2007 and signed into law later that year. As a result, several Outdoor brands and products will be impacted.  In some scenarios, the current volume simply does not justify the cost of the required redesign or testing needed to comply, or an acceptable ballast alternative is not available.  For most of our products impacted by the new law, we believe that a suitable Solid State Lighting (LED) solution exists within our current portfolio, or a different HID wattage or type may still be available.   


    In order to comply with the law, we strongly recommend that all orders requiring 1000 watt metal halide sources and below be entered prior to December 15, 2016 to allow time for assembly.   Orders which cannot be manufactured before February 10, 2017 will be subject to conversion or cancellation.    


    Each Product Manager is currently compiling a list of soon to be delisted products or configurations, and will provide a list of alternative luminaire solutions where available.


    Look for those lists in the regular “Week in Review” e-mail in the coming weeks.

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    Metal Halide Regulations 2017 

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    If I receive an order after December 15th that includes a non-compliant product, what do I do?
    Work with the appropriate Technical Support Center personnel to find a suitable alternative. 
    What wattages are impacted by the new law?
    All Metal Halide luminaires ranging from 50 watt to 1000 watts.
    Can I still purchase probe start Metal Halide luminaires?
    No.  All Metal Halide luminaires must be pulse start. 
    Are there exemptions to the law?

    Yes, but check for availability from Signify.  

    • Metal Halide luminaires with regulated-lag ballast
    • Metal Halide luminaires that use high frequency electronic ballast
    • Metal Halide luminaires that use electronic ballasts that operate at 480 volts
    Are all High Intensity Discharge (HID) affected by the law?
    No - High Pressure Sodium (HPS) are not included in the regulation - Low Pressure Sodium (LPS) are not included in the regulation.
    Does this regulation affect other countries outside the USA?
    Not legally, but because of the volumes needed to support financially and the rapid transition to LED, many products from Philips will no longer be available for sale in any country. 
    Will replacement lamps and ballasts still be available?
    Yes.  This regulation only impacts the luminaire.  All lamps and ballasts will be commercially available.