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        Lumec RoadFocus Plus solar powered system is an off-grid smart system featuring a unique and patented design luminaire, post-top PV panel, batteries and charge controller. The solution offers multiple lumen packages with industry leading efficacy, a complete array of optical distributions, ensuring the right fit for any type of roadway application. The solar subsystem comes with a pre-tilted bracket for optimum energy collection based on the location, system configuration, and wind speed. The system can be tailored to the expected night activities, number of cloudy days and solar irradiance available at the location.


        Lumen output up to 12,000 lumens
        Brings light to roads without access to electric grid
        Works in extreme ambient temperatures
        Preserves landscape as no trenching for cabling required
        Sturdy construction for long life
        Saves energy
        Environment friendly
        Programmable dimming profiles for maximum flexibility


        High Efficiency Mono-Crystalline PV Panel
        Crystal batteries provide safe and reliable performance and long useful life
        Pre-tilted post-top mounted solar subsystem
        High luminous efficacy up to 220 lm/Watt to maximize battery performance
        Programmable MPPT charge controller with built-in LED driver and smart run-time extension algorithm
        Optional Motion Sensor
        AASHTO 2001 compliant aluminum and steel poles


        Road and Street
        Rural areas

        Warning & Safety

        Ground rod must be provided and installed by contractor as per National Electrical code (NEC) article 250.52 (A)(5) or the local application regulation agency
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