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        Product family information

        DormLyte LED Wall/Ceiling Luminaire: For dorms, nursing homes, assisted living, health care facilities, or other over bed or wall mounted applications. 1/8" thick DR acrylic lens. Unique co-extension. White opaque center. Frosted white front sections for subtle glow. Linear prisms to spread up/downlight. Only 3-7/8" deep, meets American With Disabilities Act for wall mounted fixtures. Multiple lumen/watt packages for design flexibility and added energy savings.


        Can be used for a variety of applications
        Design flexibility
        Energy saving


        For over bed or wall mounted applicaions
        Can be vertically or horizontally mounted on wall
        Up and downlight, 1 or 2 lamps
        Only 3-7/8" deep


        Specification Sheets
        • Specifications Vandal Proof Wall Mount LED Luminaire, Bi-level step dimming, 52 in-put watts delivering 4153 lumens for a 79.9 lumens per watt luminaire package PDF 780.2 kB
        • Install instructions TCeiling Or Wall Mounted Fluorescent, 6" Width, 3 7/8" Deep, wo lamp 54 watt T5 48" length luminaire PDF 442.7 kB
        Photometry/BIM Files
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