Zero Waste to landfill

    Our commitment


    A linear economy will generate 3.4 billion tons of waste per year in 2050 according to the World Bank. To shift to a circular economy, we all need to change the way we manage and process our waste. At Signify, we contribute to Sustainable Development Goal 12, responsible consumption and production. In 2020 we reached our zero waste to landfill commitment and reached our highest ever recycling rate.

    responsible consumption circularity 12
    Waste to landfill
    since 2020

    We recycle up to 91% of our
    manufacturing waste

    "Thanks to the effort and collaboration of our employees worldwide, we overcame the complexity of our waste streams and achieved zero waste to landfill at our manufacturing sites”


    Nicola Kimm

    Head of Sustainability, Environment, Health & Safety

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    Eliminating waste to landfill

    As a global manufacturing company, we have many different waste streams. We had to find innovative solutions to reduce the amount of waste we generate and at the same time drive improvements in our collection and recycling processes. Over the years, we shifted to more eco-friendly vendors, improved waste segregation, provided awareness trainings and shared best practices across all regions.

    How we continue our waste journey

    • Plastic free packaging

      Plastic free packaging

      We are actively striving for a reduction of the environmental impact of our products. As part of our packaging policy, Signify already uses 80% recycled paper for its packaging.

    • Packaging


      Our goal is to maximize the recyclability of our packaging materials and set high standards for ourselves and our suppliers to minimize environmental impact.