Strategic alliances

    Our strategic alliances: partnering with global experts

    Signify has formed strategic alliances with global technology experts to co-develop new propositions for our connected lighting systems. Using energy efficient LED lighting, sensors, network technology, software applications and data analytics, we’re delivering new value-added benefits and services for our customers.
    Connected lighting that saves up to 80% on energy in office buildings.
    Reliable and efficient M2M connectivity for connected lighting in cities.
    Connected street lights integrated in the cities ERM platform.

    Signify and Cisco – the best of both worlds


    By partnering with Cisco, we’re enabling the Internet of Things in offices by integrating Cisco’s highly secure, robust IT network infrastructure and Power over Ethernet technology with our Interact Office connected lighting system.
    Cisco’s robust network technology enables a connected network of LED luminaires with built-in sensors to collect, send and receive data. This gives facilities and operations managers maximum visibility of space usage and ultimate control over lighting – while minimizing energy consumption and associated costs.

    A brilliant new workspace


    See how connected lighting transformed life for workers and facility managers at Cisco’s Toronto headquarters. 

    Vodafone and Signify are helping to empower your city


    Partnering with Vodafone has allowed us to create an M2M-based municipal connected lighting system that lets city authorities monitor and control street lighting via our cloud-based management system, CityTouch.

    Philips CityTouch collects accurate location and lighting status data in real time via Vodafone M2M SIM cards embedded in the streetlights. City authorities can use this information to expedite maintenance troubleshooting street light outages remotely, reducing cost and improving operations.

    Philips and SAP team up to make cities smarter

    Together with SAP SE, we are delivering on our vision for smarter cities by harnessing the Internet of Things and integrating information from Philips connected street lights with data from other city ERM systems in a single integrated city dashboard. By linking Philips CityTouch street lighting management system with real-time situational awareness based on the SAP HANA® platform, city authorities have a 360-degree view of data such as street lighting, parking and traffic controls.


    Using data visualization and analytics tools, city authorities can plan more efficiently and manage costs, while historical data can provide insights into trends and improve long-term planning.


    Future-proofing Buenos Aires


    See how we helped Buenos Aires save 50% on operational costs while unlocking insights from 91,000 street lights. 

    Providing citizens with mobile broadband connectivity through smart street poles.
    Zebra Technologies logo
    Making Interact Indoor navigation available on self check-out and staff devices. 
    Integrating sensor technology into connected lighting systems for business efficiency and employee wellbeing.


    Our partnership with Ericsson brings smart cities closer through a connected street lighting model that offers city officials an innovative way to afford energy efficient LED lighting to meet sustainability goals, and enables network operators to offer improved city-wide mobile broadband and app coverage.


    Philips SmartPoles are equipped with small cell LTE technology from Ericsson, enabling 4G/LTE connectivity. This lets city authorities control street lighting systems wirelessly to meet changing resident needs and urban conditions. And citizens benefit from improved mobile network coverage for data communications and enhanced safety with brighter, well-lit streets.


    Sam Liccardo, Mayor, San Jose, USA

    “The SmartPole initiative provides the City of San Jose with a unique win-win-win: more energy conservation, reduced expenditures on energy and maintenance, implementation of LED lighting on dark city streets, and an enhanced broadband experience for our residents.”

    Self-reporting outages

    By connecting 100,000 street lights, the City of Los Angeles increased efficiency of maintenance crews while taking the next step to a smarter city.

    Zebra Technologies


    Customers of Interact Indoor navigation, such as Albert Heijn and MediaMarktSaturn, offer a smartphone app to help shoppers locate products in their stores and streamline the shopping experience. Zebra Technologies launched a range of Interact Indoor navigation compatible devices for shoppers self check-out and staff in retail, warehousing and logistics.

    With the staff devices, retailers are able to automatically generate a product-location database while the shelves are replenished. This enhances planogram compliance in a simple and scalable manner. The devices also enable staff to more efficiently perform order picking, and to guide shoppers to the products they are looking for.

    The Zebra devices enrich the Interact Indoor navigation analytics dashboard, providing format management and store owners rich insight how their stores are utilized. The Interact Indoor navigation analytics dashboard provides insights on footfall, density, and dwell time.



    As a strategic investor in PointGrab, we’re helping businesses to optimize their office space by integrating PointGrab’s industry-leading sensor technology for smart buildings into our connected lighting systems. 


    PointGrab’s smart sensing solution gives building managers precise insights about how workers use offices. This allows them to make building operations more efficient, optimizing floor space and energy use to improve sustainability and reduce cost. They can also align office space to worker behaviors and preferences, adjusting office layout, lighting, temperature control and cleaning services to promote productivity and wellbeing.

    Panduit, Commscope, Siemon
    Investing in a secure, robust IoT connected lighting infrastructure enables you to capture real-time data about your building operations and usage.

    Building a connected infrastructure for smart, productive workplaces

    Partnering with high performance, data cabling technology companies CommScope, Panduit and Siemon has allowed us to create and deploy a tested, robust and future proof connected lighting system and infrastructure. This delivers the assurance that the installation is ready for the deployment of future higher bandwidth, allows for integration with other building systems; making lighting an integral part of how you support your business. 

    Our Interact Office connected lighting system takes your investment a fundamental step forward by offering an infrastructure that not only provides the high-quality, reliable illumination you expect from the world leader in lighting, but also creates a reliable, smart, high-bandwidth communication platform for unlocking new value for your business.

    Value Added Partner Program


    The Signify Partner Program brings together world-class system integration professionals in the lighting and IoT industry.


    Being a Value Added Partner will strengthen your business by giving you access to state-of-the-art Signify propositions across the Interact IoT platform and Philips products portfolio. Explore our partnership options today!

    Philips Value Added Partner
    Certified Interact Value Added Partner

    Our connected home ecosystem “Friends of Philips Hue”

    Philips Hue, our personal wireless lighting, works with leading brands including Amazon, Apple and Google to make the smart home even smarter and more personalized.
    Amazon alexa
    Want to change the mood? Ask Amazon Alexa and Philips Hue takes care of it. 
    Control Philips Hue on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or with your voice through Siri with Apple HomeKit. 
    Control and adjust your Philips Hue lights throughout your home by simply asking the Google Assistant.



    Want to change the mood in your living room? Simply ask Alexa and Hue takes care of the rest. Dim lights and create your own lighting scenes for reading, relaxing, waking up – or a party – and activate them instantly using the voice assistant on your Amazon Echo device.



    Apple HomeKit makes it easy to take full control of your Hue lighting using Apple smart devices. Add voice control to your commands palette using Siri on your iPhone or iPad, or link Philips Hue to your home lighting system through the Apple Home app.



    Two market leaders come together when Philips Hue teams up with Google Home. With the Google Assistant, you can control the Philips Hue lights in your home–using just your voice. Add Google OnHub router to personalize and automate your home even more and give your guests control over your lights without them downloading an app. 

    In addition to Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and the Google Assistant, Philips Hue is compatible with over 450 application and device partners to create a connected home ecosystem.

    Use the Bosch Smart Home app to direct your Philips Hue lamps with incredible precision – from home, the office or on holiday.

    Deutsche Telekom
    Manage Philips Hue lights and other devices in your home using the Magenta SmartHome app.
    Create a warm and cozy home with Philips Hue lamps using the Toon wall-mounted thermostat, app or online.
    Control and link your Philips Hue lighting, security systems and other home devices using Huawei’s OceanConnect platform.
    Know instantly when something happens with personal lighting recipes triggered by emails, likes, shares or other web events. 
    KPN SmartLife works with Philips Hue to increase peace of mind while you’re away by making your home appear occupied.
    Life’s more fun when your Philips Hue lights and home entertainment work as one, directed by your Logitech Harmony remote control.
    Take care of your home with Nest, which automates your Philips Hue lighting and simulates your presence when you’re away.
    Smart Things
    Control your Philips Hue lighting from your smartphone using Samsung SmartThings and link up connected devices to work together.
    Create amazing home theater experiences on the Syfy Sync app and enjoy Philips Hue lightshows that react to what you’re watching.
    TV shows like The Voice are more immersive with synchronized light and sound experiences using Philips Hue lights.
    Xfinity Home
    Enhance peace-of-mind with a cloud-based smart home solution that allows you to control your Philips Hue lights from a central app and voice control remote. 

    Our public sector partnerships


    In order to deliver on our brand promise of “Brighter Lives, Better World,” we partner with a range of NGOs, charities, and other government associations to support our sustainability and livable cities goals.

    The Climate Group
    The Climate Group – accelerating the adoption of energy-efficient LED street lighting around the world. Partner and member of advisory board since 2012.
    World Council on City Data

    World Council on City Data – promoting comparable city data for building more sustainable, resilient, smart, prosperous, and inclusive cities. Partner and member of advisory board since 2016.

    World Green Building Council
    World Green Building Council – advocating for building efficiency around the globe to delivery carbon emission reductions. Partner and member of advisory board since 2016.
    Regions20 – connecting governments, private companies, and investors in the field of sustainable infrastructure, with a focus on LED street lighting. Partner and member of advisory board since 2012.
    LUCI – using light as a tool to facilitate sustainable urban, social, and economic development. LUCI associated member since 2002.

    ICLEI – providing capacity building and knowledge sharing for local governments on sustainable development. Partner and member of advisory board since 2016.

    Our indoor positioning partners


    We’re always looking for new partners who share our passion for creating unique indoor positioning applications that add value. Companies that join our Location Lab partner program can enjoy the benefits of our highly accurate, real-time indoor positioning technology by integrating our indoor positioning SDK with their own solutions.


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