Signify Canada team has supported York neighborhoods with the distribution of energy-efficient light


    With a population of more than a million, the York region is home to many small communities and vulnerable neighborhoods. In partnership with the York Regional Police/Crime Stoppers program, the Signify Canada team implemented a campaign to distribute energy-efficient lighting as part of Crime Prevention Month.


    The 12,000 energy-efficient lightbulbs donated by Signify were distributed by police officers through a door-to-door campaign. Additionally, lightbulbs were also handed out to schoolchildren during scheduled police safety talks to educate our future climate leaders on the impact of clean energy transitions.


    Through further collaboration with Habitat for Humanity and the ReStore program, Signify Canada was also able to provide lighting to homebuilding programs for underserved communities in the country.


    The power of light can be sparked with only a single gesture. With the flick of a switch, homes can be transformed into places where people work, learn, play, and live.

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