Creating better learning environments for children with special needs through improved, energy-efficient lighting

    May 26, 2020


    In November 2017, the Signify Ukraine team visited a special institution for visually impaired kindergarten students only to find that the classrooms were lit with incandescent lamps and tubes.


    They understood that the inadequate lighting was a result of local government’s inability to prioritize lighting in educational institutions. So, for years, people had to navigate their way through dim light, posing a challenge for the students of the institutions. The Signify team decided to retrofit the classrooms’ lighting.


    When the 160 students returned to their kindergarten on the very first day after their winter holiday, there was a big surprise waiting for them.

    Light for better lighting ukraine classroom
    They were welcomed by bright rooms and cheerful vibes. Playing, learning, changing clothes, training – their daily tasks became easier and brighter!

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