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    In Pakistan, more than 51 million people live without access to electricity. To meet their lighting and other basic energy needs many households depend on expensive fossil fuel-based sources, such as wood, dung, coal, kerosene lamps.


    These can be unreliable, expensive, energy inefficient and carbon-intensive – and especially dangerous when used inside the home. EcoEnergy, in partnership with Kiva, launched a microlending program to offer financial access to underserved communities in Pakistan, allowing them to thrive using clean technology-based lighting systems. Signify Foundation supported the extension of a loan under KIVA’s Direct to Social Enterprise Program, to EcoEnergy.

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    Under this partnership, EcoEnergy has installed more than 9000 solar mini-grids and home panels in the remote and off-grid locations of Karachi, Hyderabad, Thatta, Khairpur, Naushero Feroz, Badin, Sujawal and Mirpurkhas districts. These grids offer 24-hour power to residents for the first time. Together, they help provide electricity from indigenous and clean sources to about 1,555 households.


    These community-managed solar lighting systems not only meet basic lighting requirements but are also available for village-level businesses and local enterprises. The solar systems installed in the communities have increased household income, adding value to local products and transforming the lives of marginalized communities, thus driving sustainable economic growth to underserved populations.

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    We are delighted to work on this project and to play an active part in helping improve lives of people living in the remote and off-grid locations.”


    Muhammad Wali Mukhtar

    Head of Customer Service, EcoEnergy

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    “Solar energy has a lot of opportunities particularly in rural areas and areas far from national grid. We are delighted to work on this project and to play an active part in helping improve lives of people living in the remote and off-grid locations. We operate on PAYG models to sell & service high-quality solar solutions, to increase affordability to clean energy that will ultimately improve the socio-economic situation of the people and the overall development of the community. It's a win-win situation for everyone.”, said Muhammad Wali Mukhtar, Head of Customer Service, EcoEnergy.
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