Signify wins best multisensor at the 2023 Zhaga Awards


    May 23, 2023

    The Philips Outdoor multisensor was judged the market’s standout multifunctional sensor


    On April 13, 2023, the inaugural Zhaga Awards named Signify as the winner of the multisensor category for the Philips Outdoor multisensor (OMS) LR18135. Singled out by the judges for its variety of innovative smart capabilities for outdoor use, the OMS connects to street light luminaires outfitted with the Zhaga Book 18 socket.

    When it comes to smart city sensing tasks, nothing beats the street light."


    Francesco Martini

    Chair of the Zhaga Steering Committee

    Since its founding in 2010, the Zhaga Consortium has spearheaded the mission to standardize the interfaces of LED luminaire components across the industry. With the development of the Zhaga Book 18 socket as a universal platform for street light connectivity, sensors such as the Philips OMS can be easily installed and remotely managed via Interact in the cloud to perform a range of smart functions.


    In 2022, Zhaga launched the Zhaga Awards to recognize innovation and excellence in the development, manufacture, and application of smart city sensors that can be installed on street lights using the Book 18 socket. Open to manufacturers, universities, and other market innovators, the awards were judged by a panel of highly accredited experts from across the industry. These included Kevin Fitzmaurice of Georgia Power, Dr. Jan Paul Baginski of DEW21, Graham Mawer of the SSROC, Christophe Orceau of the TALQ Consortium Steering Committee, Carl Bloomfield of Intertek, and Ted Drost of DEKRA. This particular category for multisensors evaluated sensors that combine two or more of the following functions: mobility, climate, pollutants, sound, and lighting controls.


    The Philips OMS is capable of acting as a motion sensor that automatically increases light levels in response to motion. This means that pedestrians walking down an otherwise dark street can enjoy peace of mind as connected luminaires light up ahead of them according to the pedestrians’ direction of travel. For drivers and cyclists, the road ahead is safely illuminated as they approach—increasing feelings of safety and reducing accidents. And when no pedestrians, motorists, or cyclists are around, the street lights remain dimmed. This both saves energy and reduces the impact of light pollution on local wildlife.

    We are delighted to have won a Zhaga Sensor Award for our Zhaga-D4i certified Philips Outdoor multisensor, which is designed to support many smart city applications.”


    Maria Luisa Martínez Céspedes

    Global product manager, Signify

    The OMS can extract, collect and transmit environmental data such as temperature, noise, tilt angle, impact, and motion. If a light pole is damaged or impaired in any way, the OMS sends an automatic fault notification to the maintenance team. This ensures that accidents are quickly resolved and that the streets are kept safe for everyone that uses them. All of this data—from ambient conditions to accident reports—gets processed and visualized via the Interact system so that it can be easily managed by the end user on a single, intuitive dashboard.


    At Signify, we’re proud to be recognized as industry leaders in the field of smart lighting by the Zhaga Consortium. Zhaga matches our vision for cities that are responsive to the needs of their people. In a smart city, your environment adapts to you—not the other way around.


    For more information on how Signify can transform your streets, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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