Upper-room Germicidal UV to control airborne diseases

    Watch this webinar to understand from our eminent guest speaker how to adapt current buildings to use upper-room GUV to control airborne diseases.
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    Presented by

    Richard Vincent

    Richard L. Vincent

    MS, BS Arch, FIES, LEED® AP

    Mount Sinai Hospital, Department of Medicine, Brickner Research Unit: Community Medicine and TB/UV Studies, New York City, USA.


    Mr. Vincent applies germicidal ultraviolet (GUV) disinfection technology and tools to control the transmission of tuberculosis and other infectious diseases both airborne and surface borne (fomite) or mix-mode, in high-risk settings. He was the project manager and UV lighting specialist for the Tuberculosis Ultraviolet Shelter Study (TUSS), (1997-2004). 


    TUSS—a multidisciplinary, multicenter epidemiological field trial of ultraviolet air cleansing effectiveness formed by St. Vincent’s Hospital and the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) advanced UVGI application for airborne disease control in homeless shelters. At the Mount Sinai Hospital, he is working to reduce the rate of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) by benchmarking the efficacy of various technologies including mobile, whole-room UVC devices for decontamination of surfaces from pathogens such as MRSA, and C. Difficile.


    He has studied the use of stationary UV units to clean mobile technology. He is collaborating with the Harvard Medical School and the South African National Institute of Occupational Health on testing prototype upper room UV LED air disinfecting technology. He is studying UV LED surface disinfection in the laboratory and then in situ. Since 2008 he has been on faculty at the Harvard Course: Building Design and Engineering to Prevent Airborne Infection – An International Approach. He has taught a shortened course in Pretoria, South Africa and Mumbai and New Delhi, India.


    He has provided technical assistance on GUV projects in India, Myanmar and Pakistan. Since 2016, Mr. Vincent serves at the Coordinator for the StopTB Partnership working Group: End TB Transmission Initiative (ETTI). He provided expert input on GUV for the WHO Guidelines on tuberculosis infection prevention and control, 2019 update. Mr. Vincent chairs the ASHRAE GCP 37 developing guidelines for the application of upper room ultraviolet germicidal irradiation systems (UVGI/GUV). Further, he chairs ASHRAE TC 2.9 subcommittee on research for UVGI air and surface disinfection. Mr. Vincent chairs the CIE TC 6-52 to develop a test method for gonioradiometric measurement of upper room GUV fixtures.


    He is the project director of a two-year pilot inpatient study of LED adaptive lighting systems to promote sleep for hospitalized patients. He is working with the IES Photobiology committee, ASHRAE and the CIE to make recommendations for GUV in response to the COVID 19 pandemic.

    Key topics and learnings


    This webinar will demystify the use of upper-room germicidal GUV in various settings from offices, schools, transportation hubs, houses of worship and healthcare to name a few. We will discuss what to consider incorporating GUV in a new architectural design or how to adapt current buildings to use upper-room GUV. Further, we will discuss the evidence of effectiveness to control airborne pathogens and how to ensure human safety. We will look at the present situation with the COVID-19 pandemic as well as beyond to provide biovigilance for occupants in buildings of the future.


    Learning objectives:


    • To cover the basics of GUV inactivation of pathogenic (disease causing) microbes
    • To cover the effectiveness of upper room GUV air disinfection
    • To  cover types of upper room GUV equipment and its use
    • To understand occupant safety implications of upper room GUV
    • To understand how to incorporate GUV into existing buildings and new building design

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