Transcending the Bowl - Stadium lighting beyond the field

    Watch this webinar to learn how lighting effects and controls are becoming integral factors for enhancing the architecture of a venue.

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    Presented by

    Stacie M. Dinwiddy
    Stacie M. Dinwiddy 

    Senior Associate

    KGM Architectural Lighting

    New York, NY, USA

    Key topics and learnings


    In this webinar, Stacie Dinwiddy, a Senior Associate at KGM Architectural Lighting, New York will talk about how spaces can be illuminated to enhance branding with emerging technology and sustainable building techniques.


    Attending an event has become a journey where the seats and suites are the destinations, with many opportunities to indulge along the way. Lighting effects and controls are becoming integral factors for enhancing the architecture and landscape and defining the individuality of a venue as feature elements and graphics.


    As with the retail industry, there is a growing trend in sports hospitality that places emphasis on the guest experience and the celebration of the community and locale. Sport venues and stadiums are being redefined as central elements within a city, surrounded by hotels, apartments, theaters and restaurants. Within the venue itself, added amenities include dining options featuring top chefs and the best in local cuisine, entertainment for the whole family, a walk back in time for the nostalgic and retail fare beyond your basic jersey and fitted hat.


    These structures are being designed to accommodate a variable line up of events beyond their athletic function, including music concerts, religious gatherings, political conventions, public conferences and even holiday celebrations. Attend this webinar to explore these factors as we review strategies for successfully illuminating such important geographical icons.

    Here are the learning objectives of this webinar:

    • Identify the evolution of program elements included in the design of sports venues and stadiums
    • Describe how new lighting technology can define what it means to be at one venue versus another.
    • Apply new lighting strategies and techniques to create dynamic environments in response to flexible program requirements.
    • Evaluate budget to determine appropriate solutions based on balancing the clients’ desires with construction feasibility.

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