The Renovation Revolution

    Attend this webinar to explore collaborative strategies and actionable insights for accelerating energy renovation rates and achieving decarbonization goals under Europe's revised EPBD framework.
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    Thursday, Sep 5, 2024

    4:00 PM to 5:00 PM CET

    Key topics and learnings


    “Mario Giordano, Signify’s Head of Public and Government Affairs, will share an update on the recently published Climate Transition Plan from Signify. He will share how Signify plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 90% across its entire value chain and reach net-zero by 2040.

    Signify fundamentally believes in the potential of light to positively impact society, and fully embrace the responsibility that comes with our leadership. As one of the first global companies to commit to verified science-based targets, I am proud to raise our ambitions with Signify’s net-zero 2040 Climate Transition Plan. Our innovations continue to deliver leaps forward in energy efficiency and sustainable lighting technologies. We will continue to act with urgency, and use our voice to engage our customers, employees, partners, and public decision makers to accelerate climate action across our industry and beyond.


    We also will discuss how the Climate Group's Renovation Revolution project has convened key stakeholders from the public and private sectors in focused discussions to forge collective recommendations on unlocking key remaining barriers to scale and accelerate energy renovation rates in Europe through value chain collaboration. Drawing insights from these collective recommendations and referencing relevant best practices, our discussion will shed light on what is needed to ensure effective planning and implementation of national building renovation plans.

    Climate Group understands the importance of energy efficiency, the best energy is the energy you don't use and for this, they have been working together with companies and governments for a long time already on energy efficiency, for instance in EP100. And started the project Renovation Revolution with Signify as founding partner, and various other companies, and expert partners such as Renovate Europe, to bring up the percentage of sustainable renovation for public buildings and office in Europe, from 1 to 3%. Thir tripling of energy efficient renovations can save energy, and improve people's lives and wellbeing."

    The revised EPBD sets more ambitious targets for a fully decarbonized building stock in Europe by 2050. Under the new provisions, Member States will need to establish national Building Renovation Plans by December 2025 as a crucial next step, outlining their strategies to decarbonize the building stock and address remaining barriers, such as financing, training, and attracting more skilled workers. Improving the stagnated 1% annual energy renovation rates and effectively implementing these national plans require better coordination across the value chain and enhanced dialogue for improved collaboration.”


    Learning objectives:


    • To identify opportunities for collaboration for effective implementation
    • Explore the key considerations for scalability and replication of solutions
    • Analyze the recommendations to drive change and make progress on the 1% renovation rates

    Presented by

    Adrian Joyce

    Adrian Joyce

    Director of the Renovate

    Europe Campaign


    Sam Kimmins 

    Director of Energy,

    Climate Group

    Mario Giordano
    Mario Giordano,
    Head of Public and Goverment Affairs, Signify



    Adrian Joyce is the Director of the Renovate Europe Campaign, which has 51 partners from all segments of the construction sector. He is also Secretary General of Efficient Buildings Europe (formerly EuroACE), a European industry association gathering 16 of the leading product and equipment manufacturing companies in the construction sector.  An architect by training with 18 years practice before taking up policy work in Brussels, he is a part-time Professor of Architecture at Louvain-le-Neuve, Belgium.



    He has 20 years’ experience leading sustainability projects in the shipping, aviation, food, construction and NGO sectors. Prior to joining the Climate Group, Sam spearheaded Forum for the Future’s Sustainable Shipping Initiative, which won the Guardian Sustainable Business Award for innovative consultancy. While at FFtF Sam spent two years as an advisor for Air New Zealand, steering the development of a pioneering sustainability strategy that won them recognition as Eco-Airline of the Year in 2015. He is currently non-executive director of the Ethical Consumer Research Association, and has a MSc in Pollution and Environmental Control from the University of Manchester and a BSc in Natural Environmental Science from Sheffield University.



    Mario has over 15 years of experience in the lighting industry, and is Head of Global Public and Government Affairs for Signify. He is responsible for the outreach and stakeholder management on energy and climate change, resource efficiency and sustainable development, with a key focus on the role of the LED lighting revolution.

    He is a member of a number of partnership networks, among which are The Climate Group, the World Green Building Council, the Corporate Leaders Group and the European Alliance to Save Energy.

    Passionate about biodiversity, climate action and urban regeneration with a strong commitment to bring the Green Deal to life.

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