Light for Public Space

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    The lighting in people’s homes is very personal. And the light in office, hospitality and retail environments can be tailored to suit the needs of the people who visit or work there. But in public spaces, the lighting is often generic, impersonal and static. Such strictly functional lighting does not reflect the dynamics of human activities in the public realm. Until now.

    Light Bite trilogy - Part 1

    Part 1


    A new wave of public lighting designs, focusing on light's social and urban role and showing six key areas that are helping revitalizing public spaces.

    Light Bite trilogy - Part 2

    Part 2


    Presents a framework for people’s engagement with light, shows how lighting technologies can enable a spectrum of public engagement.

    Light Bite trilogy - Part 3

    Part 3

    Light as a resource for cities and citizens, explores the economic, social, environmental and cultural aspects of lighting.

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    Susanne Seitinger
    Susanne Seitinger
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    Antonia Weiss
    Antonia Weiss
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    Light for Public Space

    Light for Public Space

    A Philips essay on the experience of light in today’s cities.


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