Fresh food lighting recipes  

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    Presented by

    Kevin Smet
    Kevin Smet
    Postdoctoral Fellow
    University of Leuven
    Simone Poort
    Simone Poort
    Senior Scientist
    Smart Professional Spaces
    Kevin Smet is Postdoctoral Fellow at the Light and Lighting Laboratory at the University of Leuven, where he amongst other things researches color rendering, color appearance and colorimetry.
    Simone Poort is senior scientist in Smart Professional Spaces at Philips Research. She is application specialist and project leader of lighting application projects related to retail.

    Key topics and learnings


    Today’s retailers face many challenges. On one hand, the rising popularity of online shopping forces physical stores to improve their offerings in order to attract shoppers to their stores. On the other hand, they are also pressured by shoppers, the media, and the competition to become more sustainable and to reduce waste. That is why it’s essential for retailers to seek out affordable and efficient ways to create and maintain their green image – strategies that not only help the planet but also their brand.


    The webinar, introducing the LED lighting recipes developed for illuminating fresh produce, does not only focus on how LED lighting can be used as a powerful sales tool by, for instance reducing the psychological gap between the actual colors of produce and the much more saturated colors people have in mind when they think of fresh products but it also highlights the positive effects of LED lighting to reduce food waste by, for instance, slowing down the discoloration of fresh meat.


    The session will discuss both of these aspects predominately through the lens of researches that have been conducted by the University of Leuven in collaboration with Signify in order to discover possible commercial uses as well as biological effects of LED lighting.

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